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86-100-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

86. Education. Filipinos value education very much that parents prioritize their children's education. Kahit na magkabaon-baon sa utang basta makapag-aral lamang ang mga anak.

87. Relatives and kababayan abroad. The best refuge against loneliness, discrimination and confusion in a foreign place. Distant relatives and fellow Pinoys readily roll out the welcome mat even on the basis of a phone introduction or referral.

88. Pagtuturo sa nguso. People it's rude to point but there's no rule about using one's nguso, is there?

89. Tsismis. Pinoys know that they belong if they're being talked about OR they talk about others, i.e. if they make tsismis about one another.

66-85-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

66. Turo-turo. Turo-turo are food stands that are seen along the streets. Their menu of homecooked meals are on display and customers point (turo) to the food they want to eat, thus the name. Fods in these establishments are cheap and delicious.

67. Chicharon. Chicharon is anything that is deep fried, very crunchy, and dipped in vinegar. Pinoys are very fond of this delicacy.

68. Sinigang . According to one writer, sinigang is the best viand to represent the Pinoy. Sinigang is a blend of spiciness and sourness that will certainly make mouths water.

69. All Saints' Day. The celebration of the Pista ng Patay in the Philippines is very festive. People spend days in the cemetery. This tradition manifests the respect the Filipino has for the dead.

31-50-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

31. Philippine Eagle. This magnificent, royal, and endangered bird is Filipino, too. Now, if only we could save them from extinction.

32. Terno, baro't saya, Barong Tagalog. One of the unique and best ways of representing the Pinoys abroad.

33. Paeng, Akiko, Lydia, Bea, Onyok, Eric, etc. They make their fellows Pinoys and Pinays gleam with pride and hope that we will soon be recognized as champions in the Olympic games.

34. Resilience. Spanish colonization, American rule, Japanese invasion, earthquakes, typhoons, Martial Law, coup d'etats, El Niño-we have seen them all, we have survived them all.

35. Padala. This is the Filipino system of delivery or door-to-door remittances. It is usual to hear an OFW asking a companion to drop an item or two for his family back at the Philippines.

51-65-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

51. Tropical fruits. Mangga, saging, dalanghita, lanzones, siniguelas, papaya, tis-an unending list of fruits to choose from. This is certainly one of the best things we can offer especially to those foreigners who never had a taste of these succulent fruits.

52. U.P. The Philippines' premier state university, U.P. is known for producing intellectual, vigilant, and patriotic citizens.

53. Kapwa. A word that can't be translated because this is unique to Pinoy's culture. We don't treat others as strangers but as people we can identify with, as people who in some ways all connected with us.

54. Magsasaka. Being an agricultural country, farming is the foundation of the Philippines' economy.

16-30-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

16. Ninoy Aquino. A model of bravery and self-sacrifice, he is certainly one Pinoy whom we can be truly proud of. He has uttered the words "A Filipino is worth dying for" and has thus proven this by offering his life for the Filipino people.

17. Sing-a-long. This is a clear proof of the Filipino's love for music. Everywhere you go, may it be in bars, in small restaurants or even in carnivals, you'll always find a sing-a-long machine (which can be considered as the modern version of juke box stations). Just drop a coin or two and pronto!!! - you'll hear the latest songs on play.

18. Christmas season. We are the folks to observe the longest Christmas season. And why not? The spirit of giving and sharing is in our hearts.



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