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16-30-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

16. Ninoy Aquino. A model of bravery and self-sacrifice, he is certainly one Pinoy whom we can be truly proud of. He has uttered the words "A Filipino is worth dying for" and has thus proven this by offering his life for the Filipino people.

17. Sing-a-long. This is a clear proof of the Filipino's love for music. Everywhere you go, may it be in bars, in small restaurants or even in carnivals, you'll always find a sing-a-long machine (which can be considered as the modern version of juke box stations). Just drop a coin or two and pronto!!! - you'll hear the latest songs on play.

18. Christmas season. We are the folks to observe the longest Christmas season. And why not? The spirit of giving and sharing is in our hearts.

19. Soap operas. Flor de Luna, Gulong ng Palad, Anna Luna, Mula sa Puso. Long before the telenovelas became hits in t.v., these soap operas captured the interest of the Filipino viewing masses. With themes tackling the ups and downs of life, these programs continued to touch and influence the lives of many.

20. Pinoy Komiks. Aliw, Hiwaga, Liwayway. Long before international magazines like Glamour, Vogue, Teen, etc. came out in circulation, these Pinoy publications were printed and suited for the needs of the Filipino masses.

21. Ano, kuwan, eh. These are the expressions Filipinos use when they find themselves at a loss for the words. It is common to hear a Filipino saying "yung ano-" or "yung kuwan" at the middle of a conversation. Amusing, isn't it? These 'word-gap-fillers' certainly work. What's amazing is that we manage to understand each other even when we're not certain about what the other is talking about!

22. Halo-halo. A very delicious refreshment that offers a variety of native sweets. Halo-halo is more than just a desert, it is a meal in itself.

23. Multo, kapre, tikbalang, manananggal, tik-tik, duwende. Spooky creatures that added spice to our childhood adventures. Stories about these grotesque creatures never fail to amaze us.

24. Jeans. Comfort is a very important factor to consider when we're expressing our fashion statement and there's no doubt, we find comfort in jeans.

25. Hilod. Long before loofah invaded the Filipinos bathrooms, hilod was the available "scouring pad" of our bodies. It just proves that we Filipinos value personal hygiene.

26. Darna, Dyesebel, Cap't Barbel, Lastik Man, Kenkoy. They are the Filipino superheroes who were created by the imaginative minds of Filipino cartoonists and artists. Initially introduced in print media, these characters also appeared in television when special cartoon shows and movies were created for them.

27. Kamag-anak. A Filipino has hundreds of kamag-anak. Filipinos value kinship so much that we acknowledge even the "pamangkin of the pinsan of the bayaw of the kapatid...."

28. CJ de Silva. If da Vinci or Van Gogh were still alive, they would truly hail this very young painter who is, well, a Pinay.

29. Sarao jeepney. A showcase of the Filipino ingenuity, the jeepney is the assembled remnants of World War II. You have to agree with us , it's much more economical to ride jeepneys, especially in these days of economic slump.

30. Tricycles, sidecars, pedicabs. Thank God for these vehicles which can squeeze in at even the narrowest "eskinita" in our country and for the pedicab drivers who furiously pedal to bring us to our destinations.

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