31-50-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

31. Philippine Eagle. This magnificent, royal, and endangered bird is Filipino, too. Now, if only we could save them from extinction.

32. Terno, baro't saya, Barong Tagalog. One of the unique and best ways of representing the Pinoys abroad.

33. Paeng, Akiko, Lydia, Bea, Onyok, Eric, etc. They make their fellows Pinoys and Pinays gleam with pride and hope that we will soon be recognized as champions in the Olympic games.

34. Resilience. Spanish colonization, American rule, Japanese invasion, earthquakes, typhoons, Martial Law, coup d'etats, El NiƱo-we have seen them all, we have survived them all.

35. Padala. This is the Filipino system of delivery or door-to-door remittances. It is usual to hear an OFW asking a companion to drop an item or two for his family back at the Philippines.

36. Nora at Vilma. Celebrities who have the largest circle of LOYAL fans. We should thank them for gracing the Philippine cinema and stage with their charisma, extraordinary talents, and unique beauties.

37. Dolphy. The greatest Filipino comedian of all times. Pidol is the longest living, too.

38. Sarsi. You're not a Filipino if you haven't had a gulp of this sarsaparilla. Known to many as the Filipino root beer, Sarsi has a distinctive Filipino taste.

39. Jollibee. The Filipino version of McDonald's, this food chain has captured the taste of the Filipinos with its specialties like the Yum, the Champ, and the palabok fiesta. Tayo nang magpunta sa Jollibee at langhapin ang sarap dito!

40. Divisoria. Divisoria offers a variety of items to choose from at very, very low price-shoes, shirts, bags, textiles, candles, toys. Name it and Divisoria has it!

41. Bahay-Kubo. The traditional humble homes of Filipinos in the provinces. This structure, which is made from materials like pawid, kugon, and nipa, manifests the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Filipinos.

42. Siesta. When the sun is at its peak, what else can one do? Well, we ordinarily spend our afternoons taking a break from school or office work or even from household chores by snoozing. We have devised a way of elluding the heat of the noonday sun. Thank heavens, there's such a thing as siesta!

43. Balikbayan Box. They say that Filipinos are inherently generous, especially when it comes to giving pasalubong and other presents. Well, this is one of the clear proofs that we surely are generous! Balikbayans come home with 2 x 2 x 2 ft boxes filled with corned beef, shampoos, and bars of soaps which are to be given to their relatives and friends.

44. Pasalubong. Ang ina-abangan ng lahat-ang pasalubong. Pumunta man sa ibang bansa, sa kabilang barrio, o sa kabilang kanto, kailangan may dalang pasalubong.

45. Pagmamano. Respect for the elders can be shown in various ways. Pagmamano is THE Filipino way.

46. Bayanihan. Put simply. It's pagtutulngan sa oras ng pangangailangan.

47. San Lorenzo Ruiz. The first Filipino saint, he is an exemplar of courage and martyrdom for the Catholic faith. Thank heavens we have him for a saint. At least now, we can be assured that someone up there is praying for the Filipino people.

48. Kapit-bahay. He lives outside of your house, he's certainly not an outsider to your family. He's someone you frequently chat with when you have nothing else to do at home. You share your blessing with him, even your family's viand for the day. Yes, that's your friendly neighbor.

49. Filipino folktales. Who could ever forget the intrepidity of Lam-ang, the struggles of Malakas at Maganda, and the salient idleness of Juan Tamad? Well, these are the stories Filipino children grew up with. Passed on from generation to another by word of mouth, these folk tales continue to enrich the heritage of the Filipinos.

50. Bagoong. Who could ever say no to manggang hilaw topped with mouth-watering bagoong? Well, I can't.! Bagoong, one the Pinoy's specialties, is made from small fishes or shrimps. Despite its not so attractive appearance, bagoong simply is irresistible.