51-65-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

51. Tropical fruits. Mangga, saging, dalanghita, lanzones, siniguelas, papaya, tis-an unending list of fruits to choose from. This is certainly one of the best things we can offer especially to those foreigners who never had a taste of these succulent fruits.

52. U.P. The Philippines' premier state university, U.P. is known for producing intellectual, vigilant, and patriotic citizens.

53. Kapwa. A word that can't be translated because this is unique to Pinoy's culture. We don't treat others as strangers but as people we can identify with, as people who in some ways all connected with us.

54. Magsasaka. Being an agricultural country, farming is the foundation of the Philippines' economy.

55. Filipino dances. Tinikling, Pandanggo sa ilaw, Itik-itik. These Filipino dances exhibit the innate gracefulness of the Filipino.

56. Samalamig. Sago't gulaman, melon juice, buko juice. Siguradong pamatid uhaw.

57. Mayon volcano. Considered as the eight wonder of the natural world, Mayon Volcano has a perfect cone shape and smooth slope.

58. Streetfoods. Fishball, isaw, kikiam, banana Q, maruya, turon, adidas, bituka, dugo, laman-loob. These are the foods that can be seen along the streets. Tasty and delicious, these are truly Pinoy.

59. Filipino singers. Lea, Regine, Monique, Pilita, Ka Freddie. The Pinoys are very musically-inclined. And these world-renowned artsists are the proofs of it.

60. Filipino actors and actresses. Nora Aunor, Philip Salvador, Vilma Santos, Albert Martrinez, Lea Salonga. Though we only have a few internationally-acclaimed actors and actresses, their awards still show how talented we Filipinos are.

61. Jose Rizal. Some say he is the greatest Filipino ever. He fought with his pen and not with his strength, which is far, far more powerful.

62. Larong Pinoy. Patintero, sungka, piko, tumbang preso, sipa, chato. Thses games show the creativity of the Pinoy mind. Long before arcade games came into being, these games were already played and enjoyed by our lolos and lolas.

63. Pilots and seamen. Pinoy pilots and seamen are the best in the world. I, for one, would not hesitate to trust my life with them.

64. Lupang hinirang. The Philippine national anthem. The march that shows the love of every Filipino to their mother country.

65. Ate, kuya, tito, tita, lolo, lola, manong, manang. We use these words although the people we address to are not our relatives. These show how much respect we give to elders.