66-85-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

66. Turo-turo. Turo-turo are food stands that are seen along the streets. Their menu of homecooked meals are on display and customers point (turo) to the food they want to eat, thus the name. Fods in these establishments are cheap and delicious.

67. Chicharon. Chicharon is anything that is deep fried, very crunchy, and dipped in vinegar. Pinoys are very fond of this delicacy.

68. Sinigang . According to one writer, sinigang is the best viand to represent the Pinoy. Sinigang is a blend of spiciness and sourness that will certainly make mouths water.

69. All Saints' Day. The celebration of the Pista ng Patay in the Philippines is very festive. People spend days in the cemetery. This tradition manifests the respect the Filipino has for the dead.

70. Banaue Rice Terraces. Banaue rice terraces is one of the best sights in the Philippines and is considered to be the eight wonder of the modern world. The rice terraces showcases the perseverance ingenuity of the Pinoys.

71. Fiestas. Fiestas are celebrated in respect for the town's patron saint, usually thanking the saint for a prosperous harvest. Everyone is welcome in every house and there's no limit to what you can eat.

72. Basketball. Basketball is a very popular game in the Philippines. Fans would kill and be killed for the sake of its favorite team.

73. Lambanog. Why drink tequila when there's a cheaper, not to mention, tastier alternatives available?

74. Hospitality. Pagiging magiliw sa bisita is a Pinoy trait that can be easily observed. Everyone is welcome and very much taken cared of.

75. Paglalamay. Filipinos pay their last respects to the deceased as they spend sleepless nights praying for and watching over him/her.

76. Festivals. The fun-loving nature of the Pinoys is manifested in the different festivals for which they spend much time, effort, and money celebrating.

77. Panliligaw. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, and live happily ever after, right?.....Not quite! In panliligaw, it's boy meets girl, he serenades her, brings her flowers, chocolates, and the like, serves her family, confesses his love for her....What happens next is up to her.

78. Tuba. The all-time favorite of manginginom in lands where coconut trees abound.

79. Kalesa. A very romantic mode of transportation, the kalesa was introduced by the Spanish.

80. Yoyo. Not only children but also adults play the yoyo. There are competitions where the players display their expertise by walking the dog or rocking the baby.

81. Beaches. Want to go to a place where the sun, sky, sand, and sea come together in perfect harmony? Look no further.....beaches in our country offer all these and more.

82. Tuyo. A very popular food for breakfast. Much more delicious than bacon especially when eaten with sinangag and kape.

83. Tiangge. The best thing about tiangge is the tawad, thus one can get her desired item at a lower price. It is a department store out of the mall.

84. Kamayan. If the Europeans have spoon and fork, the Chinese and the Japanese have chop sticks, we Pinoys have our hands.

85. Pamilya. One of the amazing things about the Pinoy is the importance we give to our families, be it our family of orientation or our family of procreation.