86-100-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

86. Education. Filipinos value education very much that parents prioritize their children's education. Kahit na magkabaon-baon sa utang basta makapag-aral lamang ang mga anak.

87. Relatives and kababayan abroad. The best refuge against loneliness, discrimination and confusion in a foreign place. Distant relatives and fellow Pinoys readily roll out the welcome mat even on the basis of a phone introduction or referral.

88. Pagtuturo sa nguso. People it's rude to point but there's no rule about using one's nguso, is there?

89. Tsismis. Pinoys know that they belong if they're being talked about OR they talk about others, i.e. if they make tsismis about one another.

90. Pan de sal. Flour plus salt equals the best tasting bread in the planet.

91. Walis tambo at walis tingting. Cleaning materials that has lots of uses. Not just for sweeping the floors and dusting but also as pambambo for naughty kids.

92. Pakikisama. Because of our kapwa concept we Filipinos deal with each other in a special way. It is more than just joining or conforming to somebody or something, it is adjusting our lives in order to establish mutual trust.

93. Merienda. Having a five or six meals a day could really be called a feast. Because Pinoys like meriendas so much, many delicious "short order foods" were created like the kakanin, champorado, a variety of lugaw, a variety of mami, and a variety of refreshments.

94. Original Filipino Music. The Filipino music is very rich and very unique, very Pinoy.

95. Philippine Airlines. The Asia's first airline, and being the first means being the first best.

96. Yaya. It is undeniable that a Pinoy yaya and her alaga enjoys a deep emotional attachment. Often, yayas serve as second mothers.

97. Filipino Artists. Luna, Amorsolo, Manansala. Filipino artists are heroes for their arts are used not only for the public's entertainment but sometimes, also to express patriotism.

98. Damayan. Admittedly, the Filipinos has a very low voting rate. Some say the Pinoys are apathetic about the state of the country. But come earthquakes, typhoons, volcanoeruptions, and you will see Pinoys helping their kababayans.

99. Gayuma, agimat, anting-anting. Filipinos just love stories about the supernatural. So is it any surprise that many believe in agimats, anting-antings, and gayumas?

100. Bahala na. In contrast to what others believe, Bahala na is not mere fatalism, it is a "come what may" attitude which means that a Pinoy will face whatever problems he might encounter.