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1-15-Best Things About Being a Pinoy

What is being a Pinoy all about--aside from pointing with our lips and having an action star for our President? We talked among ourselves and we tried to come up with the 100 best things about being a Pinoy. Okay, okay! So, the idea is not so original, after all, the Philippine Sunday Inquirer Magazine already published their 100 Best Things in their centennial issue. But we tried to do this on our own, without referring to the SI's article (really!).

We hope that these will make you smile and will make you laugh. Above all, we sincerely hope that these things will make you proud of being a Pinoy.

1. Simbang Gabi. Nine dawn masses during the Christmas season. Attended by the religious, the people with panata, the uzis, and the girl and boy watchers. Of course, Simbang Gabi is not complete without the mouth-watering bibingka and puto bumbong sold outside the church.



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