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Be Different! Go Watch "Minsan Pa!"

(By Jo -Ann Maglipon)

Fair warning: "Minsan Pa," starring Jomari Yllana and Ara Mina, is not the kind of film we're used to.

I want to be wrong, but I don't particularly expect excited queues of wives, husbands, and children, of whatsoever class, of whichsoever educational attainment, to show up, even if the film has been rated-thank god for little enlightenments from the MTRCB-a PG-13.

In its screening permit, the MTRCB actually wrote: "Love may be a many splendored thing, fully illustrated in this movie. Some scenes need parental guidance. Unanimous committee classification is PG."

But having hurdled that one, the film has to deal with the press reviews next, which, I suspect, will not be too loud or too ecstatic, judging by the polite-all right, tepid-clapping at the end of Thursday's pre-screening at the Podium.

Again I hope I'm wrong, but I rather suspect they will go with the words "too long, too slow" and even "huh, where's the story?,” even if it is the serious artist Armando "Bing" Lao, 56, that wrote the screenplay.

Given that the film's director, the extremely gifted Jeffrey Jeturian, 44, has said that they no longer have a budget left for promotions, and given that the film's publicists have hinted that their TV airtime and billboard advertising will largely be exchange deals between the film's lawyer-producers and their clients, "Minsan Pa" becomes very dependent on independent reviews.

A Cycle Of Being And Becoming In Mindanao

(By Christine Godinez -Ortega )

To the well-informed, Mindanao's rich and diverse arts and cultures, whether folk or contemporary, are recreated throughout the year in traditional arts festivals alongside the growing number of activities by contemporary artists and writers who understand, and enjoy best, today's Mindanao.

How ironic that through these traditional arts festivals, the lumad, descendants of the early migrants to Mindanao and marginalized today always take centerstage for it is a "public" time for them to celebrate life. Coupled with their "magic" or "technique" in controlling evil and the unknown through ritualistic dances, it is also a time of thanksgiving for nature's bounty. Here are some highlights.

The Master On Film Thoroughly Modern Victorio Edades

(By Constantino C. Tejero)

The life of Victorio Edades might not be as dramatic as the life of Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo or Pollock, but it was no less epochal-to the Philippine art world, at least.

The man is, in fact, considered the Father of Philippine Modern Art. And it was this spirit of revolution that served as impetus to drive Nick Deocampo into filming the docudrama "Edades."

The film has had its world premiere on Feb. 15 during the 11th Pelikula at Lipunan at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, and was next shown at SM Iloilo last week.

It is now touring the country from north to south during the provincial legs of the festival, in SM Baguio (March 2-6), SM Cebu (March 19-20), SM Davao (April 23-24), as well as in Zamboanga and Pangasinan.

What As Samar Doing When MacArthur Waded

(By Chito de la Torre )

It's a characteristic of Samareños not to celebrate impact moments of their own history..."

Samareños may not be as aware as the Leyteños in appreciating the significance of the yearly commemoration of the Leyte Landings of October 20, 1944 that led to the liberation of the entire Philippines and ultimately the end of World War II. That is why, not a single town except perhaps Guiuan in Eastern Samar - yet this one remains to be actually seen, puts up flags and floats at least on display, if not on a parade, every October 20th. If at all, then every town could have been in the thick of preparations since about the month of August - September being too close to celebration day.

There's no one to blame for this. It's a characteristic of Samareños not to celebrate impact moments of their own history. For instance, little concern is there for a continued research on exactly what date should be fixed for the observance of a Samar Day, other than a day in November or August. Even if Samar province began with some pompous celebrations for its own day, those efforts never enticed searching minds to go deeper into Samar Island's most remote past. Contented, plainly, we can say of ourselves? Contented, as in accepting hook-like-and-sinker whatever is already in place or an inveteracy - like, a community not collectively pointing an accusing finger at those whom it very well knows are druglords and at law enforcers who are in the service of these lords of social evils.

Manila Landscape And Lives In Contemporary

Art (By Ana P. Labrador )

The visual arts have become both a refuge from and a catharsis to problems of city living in Manila. Through their works, Filipino artists have looked beyond the disorder either to find something pleasing or to recontextualise the images around them. It is as though the practice of making art renders possible finding oneself in this confluence of people and structures.

The Topography and geometry of the city

Painter Ferdie Montemayor gives us an overview of the Manila landscape by emphasizing its forms and shapes, which he sees from a distance. Living in the hills of Antipolo, just at the rim of eastern Metro Manila, he locates centres and their trajectories through the patterns he sees from tops of residential and commercial areas. But these are always placed in a setting suffused with a gloomy, orange glow, like the dying embers of a once smouldering fire.



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