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Y (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Yagit. [Tagalog.] 1.From a television drama· with the same title: vagabond. 2.A kid tramp or drifter who survives by selling scrap. 3.A kid hobo or vagrant living in the dumps.

Yari. [Filipino for done.] 1.A sinister term used by gangsters in reference to a crime being accomplished. 2.Slang: To deflower a virgin. 3.To complete a task.

Yosi. [Tagalog slang for cigarette] 1.Name of an anti-smoking icon popularized by the Department of Health. 2.A cigarette stick. 3.To smoke, inhale, or light a cigarette.


X (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

X-men. [Slang, from English 'x' stands for former.] 1.A term that collectively refers to gays or lesbians. 2.Influenced by the popular Japanese television cartoon show with the same title.




V (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Vakul. [Batanes] 1.A rain cape fashioned out from voyavoy, the Philippine date palm; exclusively used for women.

Voyavoy. [Batanes] 1.Philippine date palm native to Batanes. f. An indigenous date palm that grows to as high as 4m (13.12 ft), has sturdy and rough trunk, and crowned by prickly leaves. Its flowers are small, and its fruits are yellow-hued that turn dark purple to black when ripe.


W (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Wagwag. [Baguio] 1.Second-hand or used clothings. 2.In Visayan, ukay-ukay .

Wakabu. [Tagalog slang, along kabuhay-buhay, or without verve.] 1.A boring person. 2.Without much. zest. 3.Unexciting, dreary, or dull.

Wakwak. [Visayan] 1.A mythical birdn believed to be harbinger of bad luck. 2.A nocturnal bird whose sound resembles the avian call of a cuckoo or a black hawk. 3.A bird in local mythology that is said to spell evil on a pregnant woman. 5.The sound of a black bird. 5.Also: Kikik? a nocturnal bird species.



U (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Ubi. [Bohol] 1.A root crop that is popular in the Visayas. 2.A purple yam. 3. Use in comparison with anything that has purple hue. 4.A ground-crawling and trellisclimbing vine with somewhat bland root crop. 5.A root crop used in cooking.

Udong. [Ifugao] 1.Rice straw.

Ukay-ukay. See wagwag.

Umbag. [Tagalog slang for punch, beat up from Cebuano sumbag.] 1.To maul or manhandle. 2.To hit with a clasped hand, or to box. 3. Also: To contribute or share.



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