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O (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Odong. [Davao, from Japanese noodle, udon.] 1.Dried yellowish flour noodles that resemble spaghetti. 2.A flour noodle popular among highlanders often mixed with canned sardines. 3.A local noodle made from flour and salted slightly to taste.

Onse. [Tagalog, a person who has been cheated or dtlped.] 1.A graphic pun of the English word once (one time), pronounced onse; in Tagalog, and synonymous withna-isahan or na-one-time. 2.To gyp, hoodwink, or deceive. 3.Eleven.

Oragon. [Bicol] 1.A macho lover. 2.A man touted to be virile, sihcere, and tough. 3.Any male man who is known for his sexual prowess. 3.Phonetically synonymous to Visayas owagon, a hypersexually active man. 4.Obscurely, a nymphomaniac.

Oslob. [Cebuano] 1.An indigenous treatment using. mixed herbs cooked in a clay pot covered with banana leaves, which are pierced to release the heat directly to the patient's solar plexus while he is completely wrapped with layers of blanket. 2. A name of a Cebu town.


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