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U (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Ubi. [Bohol] 1.A root crop that is popular in the Visayas. 2.A purple yam. 3. Use in comparison with anything that has purple hue. 4.A ground-crawling and trellisclimbing vine with somewhat bland root crop. 5.A root crop used in cooking.

Udong. [Ifugao] 1.Rice straw.

Ukay-ukay. See wagwag.

Umbag. [Tagalog slang for punch, beat up from Cebuano sumbag.] 1.To maul or manhandle. 2.To hit with a clasped hand, or to box. 3. Also: To contribute or share.

Una. [Cebuano] 1.The salty liquid residue that comes out of fermented fish. 2. A ginamos sauce popular in Central Visayas and is often used to flavor or season any food. 3.A salty fish sauce used as companion for cooked, green bananas, sweet potato, or any other root crop.

Unano. [Spanish enano, or dwarf.1.A midget. 2. A person affected by dwarfism. 3.A relatively small person without physical defect.

Usyoso. [Spanish ocioso, idleness, leisure; distraction, pastime.] 1.To be interested. 2.That of being curious.

Utol. [Kapampangan, kaputul.] 1.A brother 2.A sibling. 3.A member of the family brood. 4 A fraternal call on someone who is considered a brother. 5. A fraternity brother.

Uyap. [Cebuano] 1.A shrimp paste processed with salt and food coloring. 2. Any salty paste used to season selected native food.


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