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N (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Nanay. [Mexican-Spanish nana,mother or child's nurse.] 1.The female head of a family. 2.Call of respect for a mother.

Negosyo. [Latin negotium, business, which, in turn, is derived from the neg ('not') + otium ('leisure'), 'not being at leisure,' hence the concept of 'being busy'-from this came negotiari, 'do business,' which passed into English as negotiate. 1.Business. 2.An enterprise, preoccupation, or trade engagement. 3.A deal that involves the selling of services, products, or merchandise.

Nobato. [Spanish novato, beginner, freshman.] 1.A neophyte or tyro. 2. Somebody who is new in job, profession, or undertaking;


M (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Madamo. [Tagalog damo, or grass.] 1.A person with thick body hair. 2.A lady with bushy pubic area 3.Literally, a lot with overgrown grasses, shrubs, or thickets.

Magkono [Visayas & Mindanao]. Known as the hardest wood in the country, this ironwood, scientifically known as Xanthostemon verdugonianus Naves, is informally called also as bakal na kahoy. It is used for saltwater pilings, tool handles, bowling balls, dumbbells, paperweights, boat hulls and as stern bushing on propellers, pulleys, pulley sheaves, bearings, rollers and seaguide blocks.

Malapapaya. [Quezon Prov.] 1.See bonliw.

Malas. [ Spanish mata, for bad or sickly.] 1.Bad luck. 2.Wicked fortune.

Maldita. [Spanish maldita, wicked, cursed.] 1.A female spoiled brat. 2.A girl who is characteristically pesky and annoying. 3.A darned woman.

Malong. [Mindanao] 1.A straight tube- like garment used as sleep wrap. 2.A mainly Muslim garment that can either be used as mat, blanket or mosquito net.

K (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

K-hon. [Spanish, cajon, or box] 1. A wooden box drum that mimics the sounds of a bass drum, snare drum, longo and conga. 2. A boxy instrument that produces a fuller sound compared to the conga, shaker, or tambourine. 3.A Latin American-inspired box drum developed by two Filipinos in 1997. 4. A wooden box drum invented in 1997 by Filipino musicians Vic Mercado and Marco Guzman. 5. A musical instrument that gives off a resonant thud that resembles a bass drum, with its upper edge producing a metallic crack of a snare drum.

Kabayo. [Filipino for horse.] 1.Visayan. To ride on a horse mangabayo. 2.Slang for wife. 3.a wooden plank used for ironing clothes.

Kadagayaan. [Davao] 1.A Visayan term which means festivity as it describes Dabaonons coming together in thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. 2. An annual festival in Davao del Norte that is held every last week of June and culminates with the founding anniversary of the province on July 1.

Kadayawan. [Bagobo: madayaw good] 1.An annual celebration dedicated to good harvest. 2.An August festival of fruits and flowers specifically observed in Davao City. 3.Originally launched in 1987 as Apo Duwaling, after Mt. Apo, durian, and waling-waling-three of the city's major symbols. In 1988, it was changed to Kadayawan.

L (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Lagaring-hapon. [Tagalog slang for lagari (to hop from one place to another) and hapon (Japanese).] 1. To work diligently like a Japanese. 2. To work diligently in more than one job. 3. To be employed m various menial jobs in order to earn substantially. 4. A man who has multiple employment.

Lagay. [Filipino slang] 1. Bribe. 2. To pay bribe or grease money. 3. Money or material gain given in exchange for a favor. 4. Literally, to place something (like a bribe on the palm of the hand)

Lagkaw. [Visayan] 1. Native hut on a rice paddy. 2. A shelter strategically erected along the rice paddy as monitoring site fo.ra farmer manning the scarecrows. 3. A native hut where rice farmers rest during planting breaks. 4.A rural shelter used as temporary stockroom for farmers' baggage while attending the fields. 5. A shed with no kitchen, dining hall, fixtures, and. other amenities except a bare floor for sleepmg.

J (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Jerjer. [Visayan slang, from English jerk.] 1.To have sexual intercourse. 2.To copulate in a jerky motion.

Jollijeep. 1.A mobile canteen in Makati City favored by blue-collar workers. This first showed up in the 1980s but has since been replaced by mobile stalls that follow strict sanitary standards imposed by the city government.

Jowa. [Tagalog slang, probably from English jo, meaning sweetheart.] 1.A boyfriend or girlfriend. 2.A person with whom another has an intimate relationship.



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