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The Conversion Of Amambar

While roving over the waters that covered the earth, the sun god saw the nymph Ursula sporting in the waves, and was smitten with a quick and mighty fondness. He nearly consumed himself in the ardor of his affection. She, however, was as cold and pure as the sea. As she swung drowsily on the billows she was like a picture painted in foam on their blue-green depth, and in breathing, her bosom rose and fell like the waves themselves. As she saw the god descending, she was filled with alarm, but as he took her into his strong embrace and placed his cheek to hers, a new life and warmth came to her. In their marriage the spirits of the air and water rejoiced. A son was born to them-so beautiful a boy that the sun god made a land for him, stocked it with living creatures, adorned it with greenery and flowers, and gave it to the human race as an inheritance of joy forever. This land he called Cebu, and no land was more lovely. Lupa was the child, and from him came all the kings of Cebu, among them Amambar, the first chief of the island of whom we have definite record.

In the day of his rule the group had long been peopled, and the use of tools and weapons had become known. One occasionally finds today the stone arrows and axes they called lightning teeth, and with which they worked such harm to one another in their many wars.


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