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One day a man said to his wife: My wife, we are getting very poor and I must go into business to earn some money.

That is a good idea, replied the his wife. How much capital have you?

I have twenty-five centavos, answered the man; and I am going to buy rice and carry it to the mines, for I have heard that it brings a good price there.

So he took his twenty-five centavos and bought a half-cavan of rice which he carried on his shoulder to the mine. Arriving there he told the people that he had rice for sale, and they asked eagerly how much he wanted for it.

Why, have you forgotten the regular price of rice? asked the man. It is twenty-five centavos.

The Hawk And The Hen

A hawk flying about in the sky one day decided that he would like to marry a hen whom he often saw on earth. He flew down and searched until he found her, and then asked her to become his wife. She at once gave her consent on the condition that he would wait until she could grow wings like his, so that she might also fly high. The hawk agreed to this and flew away, after giving her a ring as an engagement present and telling her to take good care of it.

The hen was very proud of the ring and placed it around her neck. The next day, however, she met the cock who looked at her astonishment and said:

Where did you get that ring? Do you not know that you promised to be my wife? You must not wear the ring of anybody else. Throw it away.

Why There Is High Tide During Full Moon (Ibanag)

Long, long ago only gods lived in this world. The earth, the sea, and the sky were ruled by three different powerful gods.

The sun god who ruled the sky had a very beautiful daughter, Luna, the moon. Luna enjoyed going around the heavens in her golden chariot. One day she found herself taking another path which led her outside her kingdom. She wandered on until she reached the place where the sky met the sea. Beautiful and unusual sights greeted her eyes. As she was admiring the beautiful things around, a voice startled her. It asked, Where has thou come from, most beautiful one?

Turning around she saw a young man who looked much like her father though fairer. She wanted to run away but when she looked at him again, she saw that he was smiling at her. Taking courage she answered, I am Luna, daughter of the sun god.

The young man smiled at her and answered, I am Mar, the son of the sea god. Welcome to our kingdom. Soon the two became good friends. They had many interesting stories to tell each other. When it was time for Luna to go, they promised to see each other as often as they could for they had many more tales to tell. They continued meeting at the same spot until they realized that they were in love with each other.

The Conversion Of Amambar

While roving over the waters that covered the earth, the sun god saw the nymph Ursula sporting in the waves, and was smitten with a quick and mighty fondness. He nearly consumed himself in the ardor of his affection. She, however, was as cold and pure as the sea. As she swung drowsily on the billows she was like a picture painted in foam on their blue-green depth, and in breathing, her bosom rose and fell like the waves themselves. As she saw the god descending, she was filled with alarm, but as he took her into his strong embrace and placed his cheek to hers, a new life and warmth came to her. In their marriage the spirits of the air and water rejoiced. A son was born to them-so beautiful a boy that the sun god made a land for him, stocked it with living creatures, adorned it with greenery and flowers, and gave it to the human race as an inheritance of joy forever. This land he called Cebu, and no land was more lovely. Lupa was the child, and from him came all the kings of Cebu, among them Amambar, the first chief of the island of whom we have definite record.

The Gods And Goddesses (Ilokano)

Cabalangegan was formerly a jungle at the edge of the river Abra. On the far side of the river were mountains high and steep. On these mountains lived an old man named Abra, the father of Caburayan. The old man lived and controlled the weather. It is said that the river Abra was a gathering of water vapor, shaded, and the days were always bright with sunlight.

At that time Anianihan, God of Harvests, was in love with Anianihan, Goddess of Healing. Her mother, Lady Makiling knew about their mutual understanding, but Abra did not know it for the three were afraid to tell him since he might punish them as he disapproved of Anianihan. Abra wanted his daughter to marry either Saguday, God of the Wind, or Revenador, God of Thunder and Lightning. This being so, Anianihan took Anianihan from her home. Abra wept a great deal. He sent Lady Makiling away after beating her.



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