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The Homosexual

Homosexuals are accepted and tolerated by Philippine society. In fact, they have their own functions and roles to perform. The term homosexual as used here does not distinguish between different types of homosexuals. Most prominent are the male homosexuals but gay females are also accepted and tolerated. The bakla or male homosexual who acts like a female is a figure of fun in movies and television shows. But the important role they assume in society is that of arbiter of taste. They are the couturiers, interior decorators, architects, hairdressers and make-up artists. Women look to them for setting the trend in fashion and design, often trusting their judgment more than their own.

The Grandfather


Elders are respected and revered. The grandfather heads the hierarchy in the family structure and may be likened to an old tribal chief. His advice and opinions on a wide variety of matters are sought by the younger family members. He takes great interest in his grandchildren and may sponsor a favourite grandchild through college in Manila or even abroad. The role of ceremonial figurehead is maintained, hut this time over a larger fiefdom.




The Husband

The role of the Filipino husband is mainly that of breadwinner. This is the only duty he is really expected to fulfill and his performance in this area is what determines his success or failure as a husband (and a father). A husband who has a mistress or querida is accepted and tolerated by society if he can support both his wife and mistress. A man who can support two or more families is regarded with amazement and admiration, not disgust, and earns a reputation for being macho. However, the playboy who goes around getting girls into trouble and then leaving them to fend for themselves is considered irresponsible and a coward.

The Father

The breadwinner role played by the husband is extended to his rote as a father. The father's main duty is to provide for his family as well as he can. It is a proud father who can say he put all his children through school and an even prouder one who can boast of seeing his children through college. Education is considered the best gift parents can give their children.

The Adolescent Male

Young Filipinos have a long adolescence. They enjoy a long period of immunity -a time when adolescents can get away with childish, irresponsible behavior because they are not yet considered adults and therefore not expected to behave accordingly. Most Filipino boys remain dependent on their parents until they marry or at least finish their schooling, which for the majority is at the completion of law or five years of tertiary education.



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