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What Makes A Good “Compatible” Spouse

I think it is VERY important for us ALL to answer that question. I had my list a long time ago

1. Must play online video-games (covers like 90% of Filipino internet cafes)

2. Must not take 99% of the bed for herself while we are TRYING to sleep

3. Must not smoke

4. Must not put stinky foods in the fridge (Durian and fish come to mind - but SALMON is ok!)

5. Must not eat much (my first went from size 9 to OVER size 22 in a few short years... I turn green thinking about it - but then again - that was South America and they have different diets maybe - who knows)

6. Must not want to ponder the way of the world DURING A MOVIE !

7. Must 'appear' to be a few years younger than I am (true age does not matter - but when people make an HONEST mistake and ask if your same-age date is your mom routinely - it makes HER feel bad more than me)

8. Must 100% in public support me when I’m right AND when I’m wrong (its ok to point out a mistake in private and address it next chance - but in public - make it look like the couple is on shaky ground)

9. Must not have "memory-gap" because 2 abnormal people is too much for one household

10. Must not wear my t-shirts…EVEN IF THEY MAKE GOOD PAJAMAS ! Cheesy

1. Must be honest and trustworthy

2. Must calmly and nicely translate when I calmly and nicely ask for a translation

3. Must be loyal and committed

4. Must not use mayonnaise as a hair product

5. When I buy a 1, 800p buffet per person at Imperial Palace must eat or taste more than just rice and pork belly

6. Must not invite 37 people each and every time I take her to an expensive restaurant

7. Must NOT be a redhead from Montana

Yeppers, that'd sew up a relationship with me if she could dial in on those few things.

Sky from Wyoming


1- Someone who is not a materialist - Check

2- A one-man woman - Check

3- Simple but not simple minded - Check

4- Educated but not too smart - Check

5- A spiritual Christian - Check

6- Not afraid to be a woman - Check

7- Not afraid to speak her mind - Check and double check!

8- Clean, both in body, habits and spirit - Double check

9- A family oriented person - CHECK!

10- Someone who enjoys the fruits of life as much as I do - CHECK!

11- Someone who is strong enough to stand on her own if she must - ABSOLUTELY DOUBLE CHECK!

12- Someone willing to let me take the lead - Check (most of the time) Wink

13- Someone who will stand beside me, not behind me, to be my wife, lover, partner, confidante, teammate, nurse, and all-around best friend - OH YEAH! YOU BETCHA!!

And what was, and is, as important as all those is that I exhibit those same (or similar) qualities for her benefit.

Every day when I wake up and see her funny little face next to me I thank God for every minute that I've had with her. Even though at times we've both been a pain in the butt for the other, we both realize that we found the exact person who makes our life complete. What I've gained by being with Gloria, besides a bigger belly and deeper wrinkles, I couldn't have gotten with anyone else, and I'll be damned if I ever try.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

PS - Glo says I don't have more wrinkles, that I look younger than all my friends. But she's blinded by love.


OK. I shamelessly stole some of my list from you all but why improve on perfection.

Remember, the issue is not "right or wrong," but compatibility for you".

To be safe in case she reads this I can happily say my sweet Pinay asawa scores 100%.

Order of no significance --

1. Not smoke

2. Help keep the home and autos clean and neat

3. Be clean, neat and appropriately dressed for the circumstances

4. Not drink, gamble or eat to excess

5. Not spend money beyond our means

6. Teach her family to be reasonable in their requests for assistance

7. Not be resentful of money spent on my family

8. Trust my judgment on financial matters

9. Trust my judgment on American social customs (as I do hers on RP matters)

10. Stand beside me as confidante, teammate and best friend

11. Be content with what we have materially

12. Have a cheerful attitude most of the time

13. Be truthful all the time, including not misleading by omission

Angry  and just a few minor and picky grains of sand under my blanket of compatibility

a. When talking to me, speak louder than a whisper

b. After a 10 minute story, if I ask a specific question, don't repeat the entire story

c. When I walk into a different room, don't follow and ask "wat you doin?"

d. Don't tell me to do something when I am already in the process of doing it, i.e., put that in the trash, or pick that up

f. When I ask her to clarify a word or phrase, don't simply repeat the nonsensical word or phrase over and over

Tom in Big D

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