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Good Advice On Online Relationship With Filipinas

From An Owner Of A Net Cafe:

I have a share in an internet cafe in the Philippines and I have know that often many of the beautiful faces you see on a webcam do not belong to the person writing the messages. It is almost like a game to many of the internet cafe users to have one person as the gorgeous face on screen while another with better English and keyboard skills write the messages. While many of the girls who claim to be seeking a soul mate etc via the internet are genuine be aware that just as many are not. Often they are just looking for someone to provide them with money (often to feed their families or simply to survive themselves). Their targets are usually older men looking for romance/happiness and the girls find plenty of suckers to part from their money.

My advice is to make contact with these ladies/girls by all means and enjoy their company but don't be fooled into sending money to them for any reason regardless of the sad and unfortunate stories you will hear. If the males are genuinely interested in meeting and helping the ladies then the best thing is for them is to go to the Philippines and meet face to face. But be prepared in case that they do not show up at the meeting place because that frequently happens also.

If you can't afford to visit the Philippines then you probably can't afford to give them money over the internet either.

Comment from Don: Maybe if you save the money you give them you will have the money to come over.

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