Have Children With Your Younger Filipina Wife

The answer is probably yes. You may want one and she will for sure, if she is the average Filipina. But keep mind, studies show fathers are five times more likely to have children with birth defects.

One recent study has shown that the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down's syndrome rises with the father's age. And the risk begins to increase in men as young as 35. Most guys here are way over that age before they get married. The study is important in that is the first one studying older men who have fathered children with women under 30.

Previous research has suggested older men might be more likely to have children with certain birth defects. But the new study is the first to quantify the risk according to rising paternal age. It shows that it is not just women who need to keep an eye on the biological clock when it comes to having children. That was already documented.

The researchers from the U.S. and Denmark, whose study is based on more than 70,000 births, say the findings show the rate of mutations in germ cells, which may cause congenital malformations, increases faster in men than in women.

Researcher Dr Jorn Olsen, of the University of California, said: 'So far, increasing maternal age is the most important, perhaps the only well-documented risk factor, and evidence of a paternal age effect is missing.' There has been very little study of older fathers despite publicity given to such celebrities as Clint Eastwood who had a daughter at 67. In the new study published this month in the medical journal Human Reproduction, researchers from the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. He used unique Danish fertility data covering ages of parents as well as details on births.

The analysis was restricted to couples in which the mother was aged under 29, but the father was any age over 20. A total of 71,397 births were included. The researchers compared malformation rates in the children with the age of the fathers. The results of the study are startling: A 45-year-old man is almost three times more likely to father a Down's syndrome child than a man aged under 30.

For men over 50, the risk is almost fivefold.

The risk of having a child with a cleft lip doubles when the man is aged over 50. The results show the risk of some congenital conditions starts to rise when the father is aged between 35 and 40. Researchers, medical doctors have done recent studies. There results indicate fathers of advanced age, may be associated are more likely to have children with birth defects including but not limited to Down's syndrome.

They find a significant association between paternal age and malformation of extremities, as well as Down's.' The researchers also point out that deaths such as stillbirths also increase with advancing age of the father. This indicates the total effects of paternal age may be even greater. So before you make the decision to have a child with your younger wife, do consider this risk. Studies show death at birth correlates with paternal age, including the mothers age, not much of a problem her for foreigners who usually have much younger wives.

It is probably not just age that causes the problems, but the environmental damage that comes with age. The organs involved in sperm production can be affected by smoking, sunlight, lifestyle and others.

Yes, there are a lot of older guys with young wife's walking around happy as larks with them and their healthy kids at the shopping malls. But the sad cases you don't hear about or see. To many don't make it out of the womb alive. We can only hope that test are developed that will give us an indication of how safe it would be to have a child over a certain age. Until then we will just have to weigh what odds we have, do some soul searching and make out best judgment. But I don't think it is wise for a 70 years old guy to have a vasectomy reversal, chancy at best, in an attempt to have a child that may never grow up and if he does suffer from a serious birth defect.