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Filipina Friend and Foreign Bride

Authorities said it would be difficult to determine the crime committed since the scam was committed in cyberspace between the US and Cebu. All this is after the fact, like closing barn door when the horses have run away. But maybe is he like most. So enthralled with his new found love he did not want to know the truth. Please, if you have that problem, don't wait too late.


This should serve as a warning, “police said as Devaney's case was placed on official police record, all they could do”.

The American said a Filipino, he assumed, identified as "Badoy Pogi" is responsible for the so-called scam. This operator allegedly has some 200 plus girls at and maybe other. The word is out that this is an easy way for an enterprising young man to manipulate young trusting women. So this M.O. is escalating and probably if not already will become big time business. They will expand into extortion if not there already.

Tim" I think he's running the scam. I think he pays for the photos and makes a bunch of profiles, "Delaney said, He adding that he searched for Trisha in other sites and found out that she uses and names Janet, Myra and others.

This would have never happened. And if he wanted a quality Filipina, wanted to be sure she even existed, he could have already had one buy using the services of a good private detective agency. No need to lose anything materially or emotionally or to end up in as a victim in jail as can happen. It will probably not. But be safe. Do not run the chance of letting it happen to you. The company I mention above is a US owned company, not mine. But I know the US owner and know you will get a professional investigation with no overkill, "Just the facts, mam," and a value too. I do due diligence on every company I recommend. And this one is on of the best and on of the most important to you life here in the Philippine I will ever recommend, not even seconds to Dr. Chua the heart surgeon. And I am not kidding.

Best of luck to you in your romance in the Philippines. May it be a much different story than Tim has to tell. Not one of sadness, lost money, time and crushed dreams of a partner for life. There is one for you. Be sure to get her, not an imaginary one. If you have question in your mind right not, bite the bullet and find out the truth no mater how much it hurts. It will only hurt for a little while, if it does. And there are so many wonderful Filipinas here who will treasure you, believe me. I am here and I know. Ask the other guys too to check me and what I say out.

September 17, 2006

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