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WARNING: Watch out for Trisha, Janet, Myra and others.

American Guy Gets stung by pros in chat room and tells at least part of the story to help others: New Scam? It is not easy to do for anyone to say I was fooled, scammed, duped especially when it turns out the scam was so obvious. And with the help of an investigator it would not have happened. But the mark said," No, not my girl! Mine is not one of those!"

Guys who get cheated, hurt, lose money, time and suffer the pain and frustration from online romances usually keep there mouth shut. It is reasonable to ashamed they were so foolish. Some are will not even accept it, stay in denial even after the cards are turned up on the table for all too clearly see!.

Timothy Devaney should be thanked for his transparency. Maybe he was angered because of his loss of money more than lose of his Filipina Chat mate. Most men are shattered emotionally too. Net relationships can be as torrid and as deep as face to face, sometimes even more so. Your mind can construct the perfect mate for you, the perfect lover, the perfect friend your dream girl. Such a person does not have to even exist for you to fall hard for her, as we can see from Tim's tale.

True, some are lucky with online dating: no lies, no deception, and honest truth. But everyone does tend to show there best side and play down their worst. Dating can help you to find unless you are very careful, use professional help, Tim was not and did not until too late, you could lose your life savings, even go in debt. And worse you could fall prey to extortionists and scam artists targeting those in search of true love and affection. You can even get set up with an underage girl. You can be met by her and some fake "authorities," who may handcuff you and threaten you with jail. It pays to be careful before the initial meeting. Net cams can deceptive, photos and such. So may of the girls look the same to us, long black hair, and they are masters of make up. But a Net Cam can be very helpful. Be sure to use one. But the girl who can afford to use the Net Cam is likely to have many guys either on the hook or hooked. Of course it is best to come over to search for your true love or just some over and let her find you. But that is a "luxury," many do not believe they can afford. I don't agree but I will certainly admit meeting a Filipina girl in person is not the only way to success.


Tim, 44 years old is freelance journalist from San Francisco, California. He found his Filipina Net Pal and fiancée to be after a 20-year-old Filipina became his online "girlfriend".

He had no idea he was being duped, even robbed until he flew to Manila to meet his Net girlfriend, allegedly nursing student from Mandaue City, August 2006.

Tim did not rush into this. After more than six months of what came to be romantic e-mails and hours of chat loving chat and enchanting chat during which he was charmed, he was astounded to find out that his "Net Filipina girlfriend/fiancée," his love with whom he had been sending substantial to through a money transfer service did not even exist!.

Devaney, being a decent guy, wanting to help others while knowing that all he can now do is warn everyone of the Internet Filipina Girl scam, went to the Makati City Police Department, There he told the authorities of his sad love story.

Tim said he met Trisha de la Torre at a chat room in December 2005. The photo of the stunning Filipina stood out among the others. It quickly let him to the start of their online friendship.

The friendship deepened. And he was please his Net Mate; fiancée to be he had never met in person was a nursing student at a university in Mandaue City, Cebu.

Devaney told Makati Manila police officers he sent her money to buy a cellular phone and other items. And he also paid for her tuition. It was common to send her 200 dollar or 300 through money transfer.

Tim said he sent more than 400,000 pesos during the" relationship" (Maybe it is a lot more. When in love a lot of us don't count coins, happy we can help our beloved, especially if she is doing a wonderful thing like going to nursing school.)

And after a year and a half of chatting, becoming more and more serious, sending more and more money, investing more and more emotionally too, he decided to meet De la Torre. She agreed to meet him last July 27 in Cebu City.

He later found out that the girl of his dreams was not of this world. She was only a dream, or at least only a photo. She is a girl he never talked to, maybe more than one of many.

Devaney, who is stayed in Makati, will go back to go back to the US. He told policeman that he realized he was conned when he saw five other names in the chat room using the same picture of the pretty Filipina.

"I don't expect to get my money back," Devaney told The Philippine STAR. He adding that he found the same girl in several other Internet dating sites like

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