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How To Tell If Your Net Girlfriend Is Scamming You?

One of the livinginthephilippines3 members said:

Yes, calling her cell (mobile phone) is a good one, occasionally she will really have a "LOW BAT" but not too often.

It's also very easy for you (just like it is for her) to get a separate email address and send her chats and emails and you'll find out right away if she's faithful. Most of the scammer girls have so many men chatting that they won't know where u came from, just think u came off a chat room, in fact if they ask, just say you saw them in a chat room. It seems kind of underhanded to be doing this but like someone said, It's a new world we live in cyber world.

Another thing to look for is how their English in chats and texts matches up with their English when you speak in person or on the phone. Lots of girls have their English fluent friends (amigas) helping them chat.

My little pear turns out to be a real slut, lots of sex chat, she has over twenty men she is communicating with and several who will be in her city in the next month or few. She'll be having sex immediately with them, and good luck to them all in the disease department. Glad I found her out before I arrive. I have no desire to be in line with a bunch of other guys.

She's now also working in a short time hotel as a massage girl (prostitute) and I shudder to think of the little petri dish now. She tells all the men the same thing. Getting divorced, how I mistreated her, I love you so much honey, my future husband, can't wait to see you, on and on. She has the copy and paste technique down pat and sends the same loving emails to all the guys

Kind of pathetic for the guys. I'd really recommend just going to the Philippines and meeting girls during the course of your day, (not night) Girls who are in school or working in department stores etc.

The Philippines is full of many nice girls to meet and it's really an unwise move to waste your time on chatting with girls on the net. Too much chance for head and heartache. Anyway, this site is about Living In The Philippines so if you are going to live in the Philippines, just go there and hang out and you'll meet plenty of nice girls.

If you're looking for a wife to bring back to your country, good luck, but that is not really the forte of this site is it? Lots of luck guys, enjoy life!

Another LINP3 member wrote a couple of things for you to watch out and look for.

1. I would stay away from girl that are very internet proficient, or least watch them "very closely." Why are they so proficient at using the internet? A job or what?

2. I strongly suggest use of a cam, sometimes you can actually see them typing and your not getting messages. Some girls are really fast typers and can chat with several guys at one time. With a cam, it also helps to verify that they are "actually girls." Many men impersonate women on the internet.

3. Getting messages that don't seem to pertain to your conversation. Sometimes they get their "wires crossed" and forget to switch windows.

4. If your girl has a cell phone she should pretty much be reachable at anytime. So call at different times like Friday and Saturday nights, in the middle of the day etc.

5. Asking for money. A nice Filipina usually has a very hard time doing this.

6. Check out their profiles to see how long they have had it. New profiles could translate into a new scam, though thesis not etched in stone.

7. Ask a lot of questions, and archive all chats, e-mails for review at a later date. Plus if your relationship last, you will need these to help support a "proof of relationship" if you decided to marry her.

8. Get to know the family, and neighbors. Though sometimes they will lie too, but more so the family. They like $$$ too.

9. Multiple screen names if she has several it's a "red flag." She might ask you to switch to her "other screen name."

10. If and when you decide to send her money, if she seems "to familiar with knowing the ropes" that could be a red flag. This would indicate she has received money before. Why?

11. Before you go off to see her get a copy of her Birth Certificate. No exceptions one of the biggest scams going on right now is under age girls setting up guys and extorting money from them so they don't have to go to jail. The parents are "in" on this.

12. Her telling you that she loves you right off the bat.

13. Wanting to come to America or your country to be with you. Though this is not a guarantee she is a scammer, but a girl in love with "you" would be happy having you move to her country too, if her motive is to be with "you."

14. Do they work? Where does their chat money come from?

15. Talking sex. Most good Filipina's are very reserved, and have higher moral values than here in the USA.

16. Refusing to talk openly about past relationships if any.

17. Does she go to church regularly? And does she live what she says she believes?

18. Check her out have a friend try and get next to her, and she if she responds positively to his advances.

19. Does she think about you and your needs or more about her and her needs? Is she "win-win"?

20. Does she "pressure" you in any way?

21. Does she treat others with respect? Her parents, friends, ex's, authority figures? Look for signs of inconsistency, and expect to be treated the way she treats "others" after your relationship "settles in."

22. How does she seem to handle money?

23. Does she appear to be "focused" on money, status, materialism, or image? If so these values are superficial, beware! Finally, does she appear to have a noble character, be truth- worthy, is she helpful, have humility, a servants heart, is she industrious, does she plan ahead for possible problems, she is "needy" does she build people "up" or tear them down, does she have a happy, well-adjusted personality, and again ... is she praised and respected by family and friends?

Hope this helps but remember the only guarantee is there are “no guarantees.”

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