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How To Apply For A Marriage To A Filipina

Keep in mind that the "legal capacity to contract marriage is required by the Philippine Government, not the US Government. And keep in mind it means nothing, only that you swore you were not married to the US Embassy. Evidently the Philippine Government feels you would be less likely to lie in front of your government's consular officer than to them.

This is from the US Department of State, slightly annotated in italics by me July 26, 2009. When you read this and digest it, you may feel like I do it is wise to get an investigator to find out what is really going on behind the scenes more often that not an older person is at least guiding. The Filipino or Filipina fiancée, if not absolutely directing them. That is the way the culture works. There is a hierarchy based on age. The older children and other elders of the family are responsible for the children therefore have the responsibility for guiding and directing them, "bossing," them. They accept it with open arms; don't rebel like Americans to do parental and other authority. This is an interdependent culture, very different from our independent culture. It may be hard for you to "investigate," your intended spouse you love and care for.

Married To A Filipina And Need Marriage Counseling

Family problems are usually solved within the family. Relatives that are closed to the couple are usually called in to intercede for marriage crisis. It could be a sister/brother-in law or parent or close friend of the couple who would appeal to the softer side of the couples or "worst-case scenario" if separation/divorce is impending.

Again, culture comes in. Couples expect to be married for life and don't see divorce as an option. Counselors are far and few in between. It is a new field that traditional Filipino couples often shy away from as "optional" and too foreign. Inter-racial marriages tend to be open to that option though.

Internet Girlfriends

Boys and Girls, Gays, Men and Women, Homosexuals

A member whose wife worked as a manager in an Internet Cafe gives the low down from his wife's unique perspective on Internet Relationships in answer to another poster on our mailing list you can join at

You are right, George. There are Internet scams everywhere. You can't say that they are "worse" anywhere since the Internet recognizes no borders. It's not a question of "some Filipina's" scamming foreigners. All you need to do is spend some time in any of the hundreds of Internet cafes surrounding the schools and colleges in the RP to see that the greater number of participants is far more interested in computer games than anything else. You will also see quite a number of Filipinos chatting with foreigners. My wife managed several Internet cafes while going to school and afterwards and she has stories that might amaze you! There are many boys and girls, transvestites and gays, engaged in the foreigner game. Many are in it for the money, some of them just for fun.

Successful Internet Relationships With Filipina

I'd throw in a couple of pesos worth of thinking regarding finding a wife or girlfriend over the Internet. Yes, there are a lot of scams going on, but it's a good way to begin to develop your pool of potential candidates.

1. Be clear on your purpose: online communications is a good way to develop friendships - not so good for falling in love. Use the net to make friends. Save the falling in love part for when you meet face to face. And be honest about just making friends too or you're the scammer if you're telling a dozen girls that you're in love with them.

Internet Relationships

Success Story:

Some wrote on our mailing List:

"Some advice about Filipina women though. The secret is getting to know her family. If her family is gracious and sincere, chances are very high that she is the same. The family is usually the reflection of a Filipina women's character, just as in many Asian cultures."

Ryan replied:

One of the better pieces of advice I've read on this forum!

BEWARE! If you ignore the warnings on this thread, your life could take a completely unexpected turn for the worse! I'm certain if every member on this forum contributed one story that actually occurred to the member, or was observed by a member, the compendium would be a masterpiece and mandatory reading for everyone considering a Pinay for a partner.

Don't get me wrong I love Filipina women! But, there are rotten apples in every barrel trust me!



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