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Good Advice On Online Relationship With Filipinas

From An Owner Of A Net Cafe:

I have a share in an internet cafe in the Philippines and I have know that often many of the beautiful faces you see on a webcam do not belong to the person writing the messages. It is almost like a game to many of the internet cafe users to have one person as the gorgeous face on screen while another with better English and keyboard skills write the messages. While many of the girls who claim to be seeking a soul mate etc via the internet are genuine be aware that just as many are not. Often they are just looking for someone to provide them with money (often to feed their families or simply to survive themselves). Their targets are usually older men looking for romance/happiness and the girls find plenty of suckers to part from their money.

Letter From DR, Who Had Relationship Problems

I sympathize with those who have had relationship problems. I have recently gone through the move others are about to make. I have learn so much and continue to earn more everyday. First, let me say that without a doubt, you can find the kind of girl you are looking for. There is an essentially unlimited pool of women who would love to date you here. And many, many are what you're looking for, but they are the ones you will have to put the effort into get them.

Tradition and the Filipina Bride

The Filipina is never more hedge about with taboo than during her wedding. Though it takes two to make a marriage, the male participant seems to be ignored even by the goblins. It’s chiefly the bride who gets the old warnings.

The tradition says that she must not marry on Tuesday, or during the dark of the moon, or in the same year as a sister. She must not try on here wedding dress. She must not wear pearls and would do well to eschew all jewelry. She must not, in the days before her wedding, go out too much or stray too far from home.

What Makes A Good “Compatible” Spouse

I think it is VERY important for us ALL to answer that question. I had my list a long time ago

1. Must play online video-games (covers like 90% of Filipino internet cafes)

2. Must not take 99% of the bed for herself while we are TRYING to sleep

3. Must not smoke

4. Must not put stinky foods in the fridge (Durian and fish come to mind - but SALMON is ok!)

Why Western Men Go To Asia?

This is why Western Men go to Asia

The photo above were posted by a group member with this sent along:

Looking for wives, girlfriends, companions, anything other than what we see in our home countries LOL...this is certainly not all women, but its pretty damn near a lot!!! no offense intended toward the good women...honest.



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