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Philippine Bank Structure and ATM Fees

Please remember most all the banks here in the Philippines are franchised. Its not like in the USA where the bank is under a big umbrella. Here one bank under one name can go "out of business"; (bankrupt) and the remainder of the same named banks will stay open.

I find it very difficult to believe that anyone can use an American ATM card here in the Philippines without the American Bank that issues the ATM card charging any fee's. I certainly would like to find this bank. The banks here in the Philippines make their money on the ATM transaction by being "points" off the going exchange rate. Its just difficult to believe there are any free rides with any of the banks. I certainly am going to check on Citibank for future, as I am charged over $2.50 (by my USA BANK) each time I draw 4000 peso's (approx $71.00) out of the local Philippines bank. Many of the Philippine banks will allow more with each withdrawal. I am allowed up to 20,000 peso a day , and of course 2.50 each time the card is inserted into the slot to withdraw the approx 71.00 dollars.

(Bennie from North Carolina and Cagayan De Oro, Philippines)

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