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Street Smarts And Money

So its best to bring some cash with you. But always use a money belt and don't show it around. As a foreigner, you will be considered wealthy even if you are not. And you could be a target of a pickpocket. Every one here thinks you are a millionaire just because you are a foreigner. So do be careful. I carry my wallet in my front right pocket, with a chain on it, connected to my belt. I am perceived as a very wealthy man here, so am a target. But no one has ever tried to get my wallet from my front pocket. In Manila someone got a note book I carry from my right rear pocket full of useless information, but no cash. After running about a hundred meters he realized what he had, turned around and gave me a sickly, disgusted look.

Once in Angeles, a couple of guys started talking to me on the street in broad daylight. The conversation was about the quality of the goods in the Philippines as opposed to the products in the US, how much better US products were. They looked at my belt, and raved about how well made it was. I think it was from Taiwan. Then one asked me if he could see my wallet. I said, "bye." You do the same.

And remember, don't change money on the streets, no matter what deal you are offered. If you do you may not need a wallet.

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