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Cost Of Living And Other Expenses

Here is the cost of living data submitted by the members of the Living, Retiring, Traveling and Doing Business in the Philippines for various moderate lifestyles in several cities:

Finding a house in most price ranges is very easy. Most landlords would rather rent to foreigners than locals. They feel they can charge a bit more (but still a bargain) and have more of a chance of getting their rent paid on time. Most of these expats are in Manila, where most international companies have their Philippine headquarters.

Cost Of Living In Rural Area

Rural Lifestyle

I believe, as I have said in the recent past that the best place to find information on budget is in the archives. Of this List. I can live well on our island at about $900 to $1000 a month. We have cable, hot water, DSL, eat well and have an old car that is paid for. We owe nothing in credit cards and enjoy life here to the fullest. Originally when I got here, the peso traded 50 to a dollar.

Cost of Shipping Dog in the Philippines

I need suggestions for a good carrier to put my dog in, plus how to give her enough water. What was your airlines policy on getting the dog on the plane on time, plus any other tips you can provide, such as the necessary paperwork beforehand? I know to fly her the cool months from November to say, January. Tony

Recently I moved three labs to Cebu. All my dogs weigh in excess of 90 lbs and one is 120lbs. I used an approved carrier called the Sky Cab, they range in price from $30-$100.

Cost of Mail Services

Domestic Mail Services

Ordinary Mail

P 6.00

2nd Class


3rd Class


Cost Of Trip In Cebu City

Arrived at Cebu Mactan airport. Again, you have to pay a departure fee of 200Php per person every time you travel in country. This is a familiar city for the wife and I, we have been to Cebu about 6 or 8 times over the years. She is originally from Cebu, some 25 years ago. Airport was no problem quick and easy. After picking up your luggage, you can get a taxi outside the main doors. Look for the Friends taxi / rent a car service. You will pay twice as much as a normal taxi. I think it's about 375Php from the airport to the center of town 30 min- 1hour depending on the traffic. If you don't want to pay that much you can walk up to the arrival area and jump in a taxi that is dropping someone off. We normally have her family pick us up.



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