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Cost Of Living In Las Piñas Manila (2010)

Rent: in Peso per month.

15,000 Pesos/Month 3 of us/$312 month.3Bdrm, 2 Both Secure subdivision


3,500-4,000 2 computers, 1 aircon, tv, dvd/ $73-83

Gas Costs:

500 /$12 month

Cost Of Living In Dipolog City (2010)

I agree with everybody about cost of living in Manila and Cebu. I am one who can't live there because my pension is only US 649.00, almost like yours.

Cost Of Living In Province (2010)

Actually living costs vary from family to family and province to province and lifestyle to lifestyle.

A filipino family of four can survive in rural Mindanao on 8, 000 pesos a month living "day to day" for food, which is mainly fish and rice, sleeping in a nipa hut, using coconut charcoal to cook with and no money left over for kids school or medicine and candles at night to light and walking for transportation.

Cost Of Living In Maasim Leyte (2010)

My monthly costs for my family in Maasin City are as follows:

Breakdown below:

There are five people living in a three bedroom 1st floor apartment in the Barangay of Asuncion. This is just around the corner from the Provincial Capitol offices for Southern Leyte.

The apartment is large and spacious with a master bedroom and ensuite. There is an A/C for the master bedroom and bedroom, one ceiling fans are in the kitchen, lounge room and bedroom two.



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