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Cost Of Living In South Surigao (2011)

I have 3 kids with me and a wife, no pets.

Place, City, Town, Village:

Small barrangay near the hills, 50 Kilometers south of Surigao.

Kind Of Residence:

Today I live in a semi Nipa house, Nipa roof and wood walls. 22 Sq M. I built it myself.

Cost Of Living In Baclayon, Bohol (2011)


Guiwanon Baclayon, Bohol, a few kilometers from Tagbilaran and a block from ocean.


Fishermen; retail workers; students; teachers, farmers; poor, seamen, tricycle drivers, very varied! Mostly native houses, concrete construction and a very few apartment building, with a few resorts and fancy houses along coast. Lots of sari-sari stores, a local, new gas station and Chinese auto dealership; chapels. Apartment is just off main road so easy to get public transport. Noisy roosters, lots of kids. Friendly people. Historic in Baclayon - church, etc. We are half-way between Baclayon and Tagbilaran, but no retail in Baclayon, really. Quiet and residential. Well, quiet for the PH, that is!

Cost Of Living In Manila South (2011)


While some of the cost of living is similar to the rest of Philippines certain things are more expensive especially housing. Much of the cost depends on the sub division and size of the house. Ayala Alabang, being the most sought after and expensive followed by Alabang Hills, BF Homes is more modest, but still offers good quality housing. Prices do fluctuate depending on market forces, and anybody buying or renting should spend some time to look around, and ignore the advertised price.

Cost Of Living In Manila Province (2011)

I have seen the day, many times, where folks stop by to eat and where my gardener brings his kids, or where they just happen to come by for marienda. When we have marienda early, the gardener will stall or delay until the kids show up. Usually the kids are not in school as the gardener can not afford the expenses of education. We usually feed the kids twice a day, at 9 AM and at about 3 PM. Often they will eat something at noon if they do not go home for lunch. I have been to Manila and have experienced the markets there. I prefer the province because it is less crowded and less expensive.



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