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Cost Of Living In Agusan del Norte, Mindanao

PLACE: Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Mindanao.


RENT in Peso per month. No rent. Been here most of three years. Wife will own the house once her parents are gone. Four of us living here.

ELECTRIC: 1500-2000. Short brown outs at least once a week. One t.v. One computer, two fans, and a refrigerator. no air con.

GAS Costs; LPG for cooking around 500 a month.

WATER: 300 for house water

COMMUNICATIONS: Internet 1500 peso a month for 1.5 megs, Bayatel. , MagicJack 20 bucks a year, cell phone -500 peso a month for my wife and I.

Clothing: Maybe 1000 peso a month so far.

HELPER(S): Just a sister in law for laundry 600 peso a month.

GROCERIES; Wet market, gaisanos and vross around 10k php a month, plus 800 peso a month for eating out.

BAR BILL. ENTERTAINMENT : I no longer drink, we go to a movie maybe twice a month. Otherwise entertainment is mostly free, taking walks or listening to free concerts/contests.

EATING OUT: Whenever we want to and have extra money from sideline business, not part of budget.

CAR EXPENSES: motorcycle only. 400 php a month for gas. Just short local trips.

TAXI, JEEP: Maybe 800 a month.

ALLOWANCE for FAMILY MEMBERS: if any: I give my wife 2000 a month for whatever she wants money.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Disabled veteran, PhilHealth and Va for me and only Phil-health for wife and mother in law. Wife just had a cystic ovary removed.

Total Cost: 50k php after phil health, money came from savings.

Sincerely Mike and Beth Jansen

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