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Cost Of Living In Sto. Tomas, Batangas

PLACE: San Antonio Heights, Ayala gated estate, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

KIND OF RESIDENCE: Bungalow 67 sq meters

RENT in Peso per month: 10,000 pesos a month, including housing assoc charges for guards etc.

ELECTRIC: Cost per month. Meralco, so few brownouts, Fan running 18 hrs a day, fridge freezer, computer running 24/7 about 1,700 pesos a month

GAS Costs: LPG gas for cooking on gas ring 780 a tank refills every 2 months.

WATER: Piped water costing about 74 pesos a month. Bottled drinking water 3 times a month at 40pesos a bottle

COMMUNICATIONS: I have 750 pesos smart contract for mobile, and Globe cabled internet 1,299 a month internet and landline.

CLOTHING: very little for that

HELPER(S): Part time live in i pay her 5,000 a month she pays for some food and the meralco bill.

GROCERIES: waltermart etc and local market about 4,000 a month

BAR BILL. ENTERTAINMENT: crate each of coke and sprite 240 pesos a month

EATING OUT: Occasional jollibee meal or a hot chocolate at Mcdo

CAR EXPENSES: diesel 2,000 a month repairs and service if I have enough to pay for it.



MEDICAL EXPENSES: 500 a month for medication for diabetes

Total Cost: 26,313k php per month


By: John Nieurzyla

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