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Cost Of Living In Tagaytay City (2012)

PLACE: Tagaytay City, Cavite 4120
RENT : P25,000, 1 year in house, 3 living here (wife, 42 yo daughter, and myself)
ELECTRIC: P3,500 month, have had 2 brown outs in a year for about 1 hour each. 3 A/C's that get run about 18 hours each per year, 2 TV's, 2 Refrigerators, Washing machine, toaster, 3 computers, 2 shower water heaters.
GAS Costs; P800 month bottle gas

WATER: P600 month for metered water for washing, showers, etc. P200 month for cooking and drinking water
COMMUNICATIONS: Internet P1,000 Globe (need there P2,000 month for more serious internet usage), MagicJack for most calls to the states, Skype for family calls, cell phone is just the normal load, TV is P600 month for HBO and regular channels that provider offers.
CLOTHING: Do not keep track of – really is not much
HELPER(S): No helpers – Driver ourselves, do like we did in the States and do the work ourselves (I am 69 wife is 63)
GROCERIES; about P16,000. Buy most food at Robinsons, and some things at wet market.
EATING OUT: Might buy a pizza or something once or twice a year, so yearly cost is probably P1,000
CAR EXPENSES: P5,000 month gas, I pay P10,000 month car payment for another year
TAXI, JEEP, TRAVEL EXPENSES: Airplane fare for the three of use to go back to the states once a year for medical checkups, prescription renewals, etc is about $1,200 each, no cost for car or rent while in states as we stay with our youngest son.
MEDICAL EXPENSES: Am a Veteran and use Tricare and VA here when needed, Use Medicare when we go back to states once a year for myself and wife – pay out of pocket for daughter. Most doctors visits are P400, medication for daughter is about P1,000 month (once in awhile the meds are P400 each pill) – need to have money set aside for hospital and emergencies.

Total Cost: 25,000k php per month


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