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Cost Of Living In Caloocan City, Metro Manila (2012)

PLACE: Fairview, Novaliches, Caloocan City, Metro Manila

KIND OF RESIDENCE: Town House, (Business Ground Floor/Residential Top Floor)

RENT: Php 8,500 per month (2 years contract, before Php 8,000) stayed coming to 3rd year

ELECTRIC: Php 12,000 to Php 13,000 per month (Business Internet cafe with 25 computers, Washing Machine, TV, Refrigerator, A/C 1.5, ceiling fans) ...very seldom brown-out

GAS Costs: LPG gas - Php 780 for 2 months usage

WATER: Php 350 to Php 400 per month, washing and drinking using water purifier

COMMUNICATIONS: Business using PLDT 4Mb at Php 3,850 unlimited, 1 landline

CLOTHING: Seldom, maybe around Php 5,000 in 6 months for clothing or repairs
HELPER(S): Internet cafe assistant - 2 staff salary at Php 1,200 per week each staff
GROCERIES: Php 2,000 per week shopping at Super Market or wet market
BAR BILL. ENTERTAINMENT: Seldom, maybe San Mig light....minimal
EATING OUT: Php 500 per week, eating Jollibee, Inasal, food court
CAR EXPENSES: Php 200 per 2 weeks, only using motorcycle,  Buses to city - Php 300 per month


Total: 52,230 pesos per month


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