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Cost Of Living In Bacolod City (2012)

Kind of Residence:

House. We paid cash for our house, P1.2 million in 2011, so we don't have payments or monthly rent. We are a family of 3 and 1 helper, who is not a relative.


Our monthly electric bill averages P4, 000 per month. We have one split type air con, fridge with freezer, 3 electric fans, TV, DVD player, Karaoke system, hot water heater, electric iron, toaster, electric toaster oven and 2 laptops.

Gas Cost:

We use LPG for cooking and we spend P900 each month for one month. We also have a BBQ grill and use it about once per week and we use local charcoal. The cost of the charcoal is P250 for a large bag, which lasts more than one month.


Our city water bill averages P500 per month. We drink bottled water, which cost P25 each 5-gallon jug. We drink ionized alkaline water and it is delivered for the price. We spend P200-P250 a month on bottled water.


Sun Broadband Wireless Internet is P790 per month. We don't have a land line but we have 2 cell phones in our family. We just load as needed. Our expense averages P1,000 per month. When I call USA, I buy a P200 phone card to call and I only call once per month.


With a six year old, he requires clothes several times a year as he grows. We buy him nice clothes and this is more of a yearly expense, quarterly, than a regular monthly expense. If broken down on a monthly average, it would be about P1,500. I am set with clothing for a while but my wife does buy me a new shirt every couple of months and she spends less than P1, 000 for it. My wife buys clothes for herself and we can figure on an average of P1, 000 per month. We only buy Seiko watches and those do not need to be replaced on a regular basis.


We have one helper, who is a High School Senior, soon to graduate. My wife pays her tuition, her travel expense to school, all her food, her medical expenses and she gives her pocket money of P1, 000 per month. Our helper is not a relative but we consider her part of the family. Beginning in June 2012, our helper will be a first year college student and we will pay her college tuition and the same expenses as when she was in high school.


My wife buys much of our meat, fruit and vegetables at the public market. I buy some specialty items at SM and Robinsons Supermarkets about twice per month and I spend P4, 000 totals for things such as rib eye steaks, lamb chops, ground beef, pork chops and better cuts of meat. We also buy most of our snacks at the local supermarkets. We spend P10, 000 a month on food.

Bar Bill, Entertainment:

We go to a music lounge to hear a live band every couple of months. We go to the cinema about once per month. Every week, we have a family outing or two. We spend about P2, 000 a month for entertainment.

Eating Out:

We eat out in a restaurant several times each week but not daily. We spend about P5, 000 a month on eating out.

Car Expenses:

With normal driving, we spend P2, 000 a month on diesel. Our vehicle is a newer Isuzu Crosswind and rarely requires repairs. We change the oil regularly, which is an added P1, 500 each time but not required monthly. Our yearly car insurance is P17, 000 per year.

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses:

We do not fly to USA or anywhere else every year. My wife sometimes takes the jeepney, which is P7 each way, when she does not want me to drive her somewhere nearby.

Allowance for Family Members:

We don't have regular monthly allowances.

Medical Expenses:

We have Philhealth, which is P1,200 a year. We also have a supplemental health insurance policy for a family of three and it is P5,000 per year. None of us require regular visits to a doctor due to illness. None of us take medication on a regular basis. I use an acupuncturist and it is P1,500 for each home treatment; P300 each treatment in the clinic. I don't need an acupuncturist on a regular basis but as needed if ill.

Our total cost of living is P30, 000 a month, usually, and we budget P42,000 a month, to have some breathing room.

By: Gary Mcmurrain

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