Cost Of Living In Dasmarinas (2012)

We live in Dasmarinas, Cavite and here are our costs as best as I can estimate because they do vary:

Kind of Residence:

She owns a house that we've added on to a couple of times and I estimate the total cost at just over P5 million. We have two of the kids still living with us, while attending college at De LaSalle. The house seems to be the money pit and we probably are still spending a significant amount each month trying to get like we want it. I'm not going to put this amount in the total.


We pay around P4500 to P5000 a month for the electric bill. We a couple of air conditioning units, several ceiling fans and area fans, refrigerator/freezer, 10 cu. ft. freezer, kitchen appliances, irons, 2 laptops and 1 PC, 1 stereo, 2 42 "TV's and 2 21" TV's, Karaoke Machine, How water unit in the master shower.

Gas Cost:

We use the 50 kg bottle and I believe it cost P3, 000 for a replacement. I don't really know how long it lasts but when we used the small bottles it was about P600 a month.


We use the city water and I believe it runs around P2000 per month. We have a filter unit mounted near the kitchen sink and I not sure how often the filters are changed, since I'm not there all the time but I estimate every six months or so.


We have Smart broadband and the monthly bill is P1, 000 and change. We load phones as needed and that probably runs around P500 per month. When I'm away we use Skype PC to PC.


Hmm! This is a tough one because we don't spend every month but when we do it can add up. I would say a monthly average would probably be around P1500 per person counting shoes and accessories.


We have one live-in helper and pay her P4, 000/month. She does some of the cooking, the wash and general cleaning. She is treated as one of the family and taken on many of the family excursions.


I like to eat. We usually make one monster trip to the SM and buy the months household requirements for cleaning, a lot of packaged goods, rice (around 50 kg), meats, some snacks, etc. Typically, this trip costs about P10,000. We will spend on average about P500 per day in the local market for vegetables and fresh fish or meat. Sometimes we will buy a pig or two. Some will be butchered and sometimes make a lechon.


No need to go out for entertainment -- the whole neighborhood can sing on the karaoke, including my house. I probably spend around P5000 on the amber nectar a month for home consumption.

Eating Out:

We eat out about once a week when I'm home and probably spend around P1500 a trip.

Car Expenses:

I would say we spend about P2500 a month on diesel for the old clunker. It needs a little service now and then, which probably averages out to around P1, 000 a month.

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses:

We rarely ride in the jeepneys but do take a tricycle occasionally for one reason or another. This trip usually involves the SM and it is around P100 each way. This probably would run around P400 a month.

Allowance for Family Members:

We give the two kids in college about P200 per day each school day for lunch and jeepney/tricycle to and from. We pay De LaSalle about P28,000 for both per month. Nobody else get allowance.

Medical Expenses:

I have company insurance and don't pay anything. The kids aren't covered however, so I pay out of pocket. The youngest daughter had an appendectomy a few months ago. The total cost for a three day stay and surgery/doctor costs was P18,000 but she got a student discount.


Too much! Looks like around P91, 000 a month.

By: Ray