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Cost Of Living In Cagayan de Oro (2012)

Kind of Residence:

House. Mortgage P26, 500.00 per month.


One desktop, one laptop, fridge, washing machine and dryer, fans. P1, 300 per month. We very rarely use the aircon.

Gas Cost:

We use LPG for cooking and we spent P500 per month.


Our city water bill averages P400 per month.


Philcom Internet is P1, 300 per month. Cell Phone Load P400 per month.


No Budget. Buy as needed would run at about maybe P1, 500 per month.


Occasional. Helper maybe one or two days. P200 for two days per month.


Philippine Style P4, 000 per month.


We don't go out and I occasionally buy some Tanduay so lets say P500 per month.

Eating Out:

We dont.

Car Expenses:

P5, 000 per month payments. Diesel P4, 000 per month.

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses:

Jeepney travel is included in my sons' allowance. I have to fly out every two years so that doesn't count and Visa costs are roughly P1, 500 per month paid bimonthly.

Allowance for Family Members:

Son P2, 000 this covers travel lunch and school expenses. Plus Tuition Fee P1, 500 for son and P550 for Daughter.

Medical Expenses:

No Budget, but medicine for my daughter's asthma would probably be about P500 per month.


Our total cost of living is P51, 150 a month, usually, and we budget P55, 000 a month, to have very little breathing room.

By: Phil

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