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Cost Of Living In Panay Island (2012)

Kind of Residence:

House. We paid cash for our house, P 2.0 million in 2004, so we don't have payments or monthly rent. We are a family of four and one helper, who is not a relative.


Our monthly electric bill averages P10, 000 per month. We have two box type air cons 2.5 hp, fridge with freezer, 3 electric fans, 2 TV's, DVD player, Karaoke system, hot water heater, electric iron, toaster, electric toaster oven and 1 desktop and 2 laptops.

Gas Cost:

We use LPG for cooking and we spend P900 each month for one month. We also have a BBQ grill and use it about once per week and we use local charcoal. The cost of the charcoal is P250 for a large bag, which lasts more than one month.


Our city water bill averages P850 per month. We drink bottled water, which cost P15 each 5-gallon jug. We drink ionized alkaline water and it is delivered for the price. We spend P300 a month on bottled water.


We don't a land line, but we have 4 cell phones in our family. They are prepaid and we usually spend P 2, 500. Our internet is through PLDT for P990 a month. I rarely call the USA.


Maybe P3, 000 per person per year.


We have one helper, who is a high school graduate from the province. She is not a relative. My wife started her on P2, 500 per month plus room and board. She eats what we eat. She gets Sundays and every other weekend off.


My wife buys much of our meat, fruit and vegetables at the public market. I buy some specialty items at SM and Robinsons Supermarkets about twice per month and I spend P4, 000 totals for things such as rib eye steaks, lamb chops, ground beef, pork chops and better cuts of meat. We also buy most of our snacks at the local supermarkets. We spend P12, 000 a month on food and grocery items.


We go to the beach. Cost is P50 per person and usually buys lunch there.

Eating Out:

We eat out in a restaurant a few times a month. We spend about P3, 000 a month on eating out.

Car Expenses:

With normal driving, we spend P4, 000 a month on diesel. Our vehicle is a older Isuzu Crosswind and rarely requires repairs. We change the oil regularly, which is an added P1, 500 each time but not required monthly. Our yearly car insurance is P10, 000 per year.

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses:

We do not fly to USA or anywhere else every year. My wife sometimes takes the jeepney, which is P7 each way, when she does not want to bother driving. I occasionally use a cab and P150 will get you anywhere in the city or surrounding areas.

Allowance for Family Members:

We help out on an as needed basis.

Medical Expenses:

We have Philhealth, which is P1, 200 a year. We also have Tricare, which is the insurance for military retirees. Our expenses are minimal.


Our total cost of living is P40, 000 a month, usually, and we budget P50, 000 a month, to have some breathing room.

By: Paul Agey aka oneiloilokano

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