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Cost Of Living In Paranaque City (2014)

Paranaque City, National Capital Region, Metro Manila

High rise condominium, 2 bedroom, 2 CR, kitchen, maids quarters, laundry area, fully furnished.  Rent includes parking space and association fees.

2 occupants. Her family visits from Bohol occasionally.


Rent: 35,000 – One year lease which started last June.

Cost Of Living In Island of Marinduque (2014)

We have a home in the Province and Island of Marinduque, home is paid for, built on land my wife owned for  $15,000 in 2002 and the home would cost double or more to build today.  The home is 128 square meters, two baths, three bedrooms, sala and dining room.  We have almost as much space outside under verandas as we do inside. There is an outside dirty kitchen and laundry area.  We pay 2,000 PHP  a year in TAXES and between 500 to 1,000 PHP a month in maintenance.  We have been living here on and off since 2003.

Cost Of Living In Malaybalay, Bukidnon (2014)

PLACE: Malaybalay, Bukidnon

KIND OF RESIDENCE: 2 bedroom house rented house just me and the Missus.

RENT:   12,000.00 PHP

ELECTRIC:  1,500.00 PHP, No AC one PC, one TV one cd player.

GAS Costs:   950.00 PHP

WATER:  Bottled water 200.00 PHP



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