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Cost Of Living in Bacolod City (2015)

PLACE: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 

KIND OF RESIDENCE: 2 bedroom Bungalow in a gated subdivision. My wife, our son and I live in the house. 

RENT:   Zero in rent or payment. We paid 1.3 million PHP cash for the house and a 200 sqm lot. 

ELECTRIC:  3,200 PHP, Split type air con, 2 fans and all the electronic gadgets to make life fun. 

GAS Costs:   440 PHP per month. The LPG tank costs 880 PHP and will last 2 months. 

WATER:  Bottled water 300 PHP


GROCERIES:  17,000 PHP. We grow our own rice on a 3.6 hectare rice farm. 

CAR EXPENSES:  2,000 PHP  diesel

CABLE:  Cignal Satellite 780 PHP


Total:  31,680k PHP per month



Cost Of Living in Marinduque (2015)

PLACE: Marinduque

KIND OF RESIDENCE: 3 bedroom house built and owned by the wife and I. We also have a grandson, and a young distant cousin that helps out some, and is poor as the dickens and we feed him, offer him money for lunch at school and we pay a nephew who is our houseboy. No mortgage but plenty of up keep.

TAXES: About 2,000 PHP a year, transfer taxes cost us 4,000 PHP or so about 500 PHP a month

ELECTRIC: 4,500.00 PHP, One AC two PCs, one TV one cd player, several fans.

Cost Of Living in Mariveles, Bataan (2015)

PLACE: Mariveles, Bataan

KIND OF RESIDENCE: 2 bedroom apartment rented- 2 people. 

RENT:   765 PHP

ELECTRIC:  1,500.00 PHP, 1 Split AC, 1 Laptop, 1 Monitor, 1 Small Refrigerator(includes ice maker). 95% of our lights are solar.

GAS Costs:   Propane 300.00 PHP


Cost Of Living in Bacoor City (2015)

PLACE: Bacoor City, Molino, Cavite Province

KIND OF RESIDENCE:  2 bedroom w/ 3rd room as storage one story house 1 full bathroom. Lot size about 100-110 sq.meters

RENT:   Lot with house on it cost 900,000 pesos. Tore the house down and spent about another 1,000,000 pesos to build new. So no mortgage payment. House is perfect for the 2 of us.Her friends do visit and stay in 2nd BR as it is large about 12x14 feet.

Cost Of Living in Balsic, Hermosa, Bataan (2015)

PLACE: Balsic, Hermosa, Bataan

KIND OF RESIDENCE: Own home. British style - 4 large bedrooms, dining room, sala, kitchen, dirty kitchen, 2 large storerooms.

Wife, me, 16 years old daughter, 5 years old cat

RENT:   Nil




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