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Cost Of Trip In Iloilo City

Trip Report December 2007 Iloilo, Philippines

Stayed at Del Rio Hotel very nice people. We arrived at the new Iloilo airport which is about 17km from the center of town. Being the first time on Iloilo I had the hotel pick us up at the airport. They were there waiting when we arrived, which is very Uncommon in the Philippines unless your staying at a Five star hotel. Del Rio is a nice hotel built in the mid 60's clean, good food. Our taxi driver Edward was very helpful (email me off line if you want his cell phone number) Our main reason for this trip to the Philippines was to find a retirement location so most of my notes are geared towards that. I am not a party guy or looking for girly bars so I hope you don't get bored.

Cost To Retire In The Philippines

How much does it Cost to retire in the Philippines?

It's understandable when contemplating retirement that you'd be concerned about the cost of living. There are few other subjects that command more anxiety when you plan to retire. Processing accurate lists of someone's experiences in various areas would seem a logical assist. I think most of us who've retired have been down that road before retirement and it is indeed important.

Sample Budget Of Cebu City

Name And Price

Ruffles Potato Chips (6.5 oz.)

93 pesos

Delmonte Ketchup (340 grams)

26 pesos

Spaghetti (1lb)

50 pesos

Estimated Cost Of Living In Cebu City

Every new member asks how much enough to live on is. Dedicated members seem to get tired of the question. Yes, it's been answered a thousand times. I asked it. So did many of you. I've made six trips to the Philippines, and everyone was a learning experience. My longest stay was a month. I read every article, and website on living in the Philippines. I personally am moving to Cebu in February. The plane tickets are purchased.

Sample List Of Groceries In Cebu City













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