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Cosmetic Surgery, Face Lifts, And Breast Implants

Cosmetic surgery is a bargain here. The face lift is $3,000 US including hospitalization, anesthesia, operating room and medicine. The eyes only, up and down, can be done for about $900 US in a doctor's office. And you go home immediately afterward. The eyes alone can really make a difference. I am surprised and pleased with what it did for me. I plan to have a face lift soon.

One member of our discussion list recently asked me the price of breast implants. I checked with Dr. Zubiri so I could post that too. Breast implants including hospitalization, anesthesia, operating room and medicine as does the quote above on face lifts, are 130, 000 pesos. Some one asked the difference in prices for "big ones," vs. "regulars," not in jest, as I remember. Dok (as doctors and doctoras are called here,) only commented that he would not make them so big they would be harmful to a woman's body, what ever that means. I choose Dr. Zubiri, after my research and in my opinion, the best cosmetic surgeon in Cebu, to do my eye lift. He is US experienced and trained. He completed residency training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Bridgeport Hospital, a Yale University affiliate hospital in Connecticut. Then Dr. Zubiri worked in plastic a reconstructive Surgery at the New York University Medical Center. That includes Bellevue Hospital Center and Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital. He graduated from University of the Philippines College of Medicine. And he has practiced in Plastic Surgery in Cebu City for past 23 years. He has many satisfied foreign and local patients. But I guess the main reason I chose him was that other plastic surgeons, seeing I was a Caucasian, recommended him above all others here. Also, his follow up care, concern for the pre and post operative process was considerable, sometimes lacking with others. And his prices are very competitive compared to other Philippine Cosmetic surgeons. His office is next to Doctors hospital in Cebu City.

His telephone number is 0632-254-7999
Fax #: 32 254 6608.
E-mail him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check with him for latest prices, and of course, check the peso rate. There are other great doctors and surgeons here who have decided living in their own beautiful country is more important than the money they were making in the States or elsewhere. Now, after working overseas where they were able to save money, they can afford the luxury of living here, where their income is much lower, but their life is happier.

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