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Getting Emergency Blood Donations

This is from the US Embassy website to help point others in the event emergency medical information is needed. List Member, JD 8/27/05.

Blood Donation (RH Negative)

The blood banks at the Makati Medical Center and St. Luke's Medical Center (both in Metro Manila) maintain lists of possible donors of Rh Negative blood. In addition, the American Association of the Philippines maintains a similar list of possible donors.

The American Association of the Philippines can be contacted at (02) 892-5198 during normal working hours. During non-office hours, please contact the Embassy Duty Officer at: (02) 528-6300.

Here is the US Embassy Website for additional information that may be helpful to members in the future for Medical Emergency Information:

I also have seen over the years a typical flurry of activity when someone needs blood. It's super when someone wants to help, but often ineffective if in the wrong place or direction. This is the source when it comes to blood in the Philippines the Philippine Red Cross:

We Americans are so used to hearing the words "American Red Cross" that we forget that it is part of an international organization which serves the whole world.

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