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Insurance And Drugs

IIMG offers quality insurance products to individuals, families and groups living and traveling internationally. Spanning over three decades, we have delivered superior service and security to thousands of members in 150 countries.

If you are interested in medical, health insurance, I recommend Medibroker, and international firm that will cover you here and any place you may travel in the world.

Just click on  Medibroker.  For your Filipino  relatives who have no hospitalization insurance, there is a government program I highly recommend,  This is not practical for expats unless you are married to a Filipino, but is better than nothing.  And many Filipinos who have no hospitalization find it a blessing, since the whole family can be covered for P100 per month. This is only for in patient treatment, and of course the coverage is limited.

For medications you may want for to order from the Philippines your own country,  including Viagra, and weight loss medications you can click on Pharmical.

Most medications are available here at about the same price you pay in the States, but watch out for expired drugs or counterfeit drugs at less than quality drug stores

As for medicine costs here, we have mercury drug which is like a Walgreens here. They do have a website and they post their Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so you can Email them to obtain Rx prices here.

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