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Good Health Is A Key To Surgery In Older Patients

With advanced medical procedures drugs, patients in good health even when they are older do well, much better than previously expected when undergoing surgery, if the are in good health.

Doctors should tell older patients to expect their recovery from bypass to take a full year, he said, but they can tell them to expect good results if they are in their 60 and older.

Getting Emergency Blood Donations

This is from the US Embassy website to help point others in the event emergency medical information is needed. List Member, JD 8/27/05.

Blood Donation (RH Negative)

The blood banks at the Makati Medical Center and St. Luke's Medical Center (both in Metro Manila) maintain lists of possible donors of Rh Negative blood. In addition, the American Association of the Philippines maintains a similar list of possible donors.

Alzheimer Seasonally Affected Disorders

Just two more reasons for living in the Philippines.

(WebMD) Lonely individuals are twice as likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease as those who are not lonely, according to a new study.

Researchers focused on the effects of emotional isolation, or loneliness, in which people perceive themselves as feeling socially isolated and disconnected from others -- sometimes even if they're surrounded by family and friends.

Cosmetic Surgery, Face Lifts, And Breast Implants

Cosmetic surgery is a bargain here. The face lift is $3,000 US including hospitalization, anesthesia, operating room and medicine. The eyes only, up and down, can be done for about $900 US in a doctor's office. And you go home immediately afterward. The eyes alone can really make a difference. I am surprised and pleased with what it did for me. I plan to have a face lift soon.

Health in the Philippines

An Expat living in the Philippines writes:

I am a type II diabetic. In Canada I had to control my blood sugar by taking glyburide: one tablet at night and a half in the daytime. Since coming to the Philippines my blood sugar readings have gone consistently lower. The target levels measured by Canadian UK units were 7 for the morning. Mine soon reached 4-6 the range of people without diabetes. I reduced my dosage, but my levels remained well below target levels.



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