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Generic Drugs In The Philippines

I believe legally these "generic ," drug stores are supposed to sell only to other drug stores in bulk. But they did sell me a box of propranolol. But it is not uncommon for drugs, common, non narcotic drugs, to be sold without prescription, even antibiotics, unfortunately. You really should require a prescription from a doctor for antibiotics and doctors counseling. People don't understand the importance of taking a full course of antibiotics when they do have to take them, should not take one for a headache as I have seen here. But I digress.

Philippine Filipina Gynecologist - Obstetrics -Gynecology

This lady doctor a Filipina Gynecologist is not only good at her specialty but a good counselor, a happily married young doctor who knows how to make a marriage work. She has and excellent personality spiced by an overflowing sense of humor and energy the ladies tell me. They recommend her highly. She has helped many women here with her counseling, friendship and work in her medical specialty, OB-GYN. Obstetrics -Gynecology.

List Of Cebu Hospitals

Chong Hua Hospital
Don Mariano Cui St., Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City
Phone #: +63 (32) 255-8000, +63 (32) 254-1461
Fax #: +63 (32) 253-5639

Philippine Red Cross
Cebu Chapter
Osmeña Blvd.
, Cebu City
Phone #: +63 (32) 253-9793

Perpetual Succour Hospital
Gorordo Avenue
, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone #: 233-8620
PSH Care Mobile: +63 917-650-4065

Cebu Doctors University Hospital
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Phone #: 255-5555 / +63 (32) 253-7511
Fax #: 253-6021

Medical Tourism

Cebu is inadequate in terms of facilities and infrastructure in order to attract the wealthy European tourists seeking medical help - these have to be taken immediate attention to.

Don comments:

To me there seems to be some misunderstanding here. Why in the world would "wealthy European tourist" want to come here for their medical needs? Certainly this is not the target market. Observing medical tourism and being a part of myself and encouraging many others to come here.

St. Luke's Medical Center In Manila, Philippines

One Man's Opinion of St. Lukes Medical Center (Wellness Program), Quezon City

To The Reader: This lengthy article provides a candid, honest assessment of professional services received at St. Lukes Medical Center. Hence, the article has complimentary as well as negative commentary. My purpose is to inform the expatriate community of the Republic of the Philippines from the viewpoint of an educated and experienced gentleman.

My purpose is not to denigrate or make fun of any individual or institution. If I offend anyone, it's not intentional. I apologize, in advance, if anyone takes offense at the enclosed evaluation and commentary.



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