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Kasamabahay Law (Means: with you in the house)

If you have people working in your home, you should be advise of this new law.  If you hire through an agency it is incumbent on them to meet the requirements of the law because they are considered to be the employer of all the people for whom they are the agent.
I speculate more people will use local employment agencies to avoid the paperwork and expense of meeting all these requirement.  Some if pressed to do this, will just do without helpers.   Helpers will be terminated or employers and helpers will find a way to go around this law.  Helper may not find their responsibilities something they want to shoulder.  There are requirements and responsibilities  the law for home workers, drivers, house helpers, baby sitters, all workers, as well as the employers.

Treating Filipina Maids

You are bending yourself backward for the maids [domestic helpers] treating them as family members when obviously they are not.

I feel that you are making an excessive effort to be kind and generous, or charitable as you say, while to me you seems to go overboard.

Let me relate to you my approach with my helpers: for a start they are eating by themselves in the 'dirty' kitchen, not at our table where we can have guests or just want privacy in our conversation and don't want to be scrutinized while eating.

House Helper (Maids)

Live-in maids and helpers are common in middle-class homes. Even some maids, the ones who live out, and may have a child or two, have maids, usually young girls who cannot afford to go to school and will just work for room and board. The cost is shockingly low compared with other countries. I pay my maids $30 a month plus food to start, and rise to $40 over a one year period. In the more rural areas they start closer to $20. So it is quite possible to pay less, and even in Manila you won't pay a whole lot more.

I do know foreigners in upscale "villages" who pay much more, but it is not necessary. Still the costs are so low, they are a bargain.

Advantages Of Having A Maids

Once you have found a good maid, she will be an asset. It could be a long and painful job to get a good maid though, as I have herd many horror stories.

I had a dishwasher in the UK where electricity costs the same as here. When I bought it my electricity bill went up by £16 (1600P) per month. The dishwasher tablets were about 12P per wash so my total monthly cost was around £19 to £20, the same as a maid here.



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