Invest in the Philippines

Foreign ownership of up to 100% is allowed for export enterprises. Export enterprises are defined as those businesses wherein at least 60% of output is exported.

For domestic market enterprises, foreign ownership is allowed up to 100%, except for specific areas listed under the Foreign Investments Negative List. Under the Negative List, investment is limited to up to 40%.

Basic rights are guaranteed under the Philippine constitution. These include:

a) Right to repatriate the proceeds of the liquidation of investments.
b) Right to freedom from expropriation without payment of just compensation.
c) Right to remit earnings from the investments.
d) Right to remit foreign exchange as may be necessary to meet principal and interest payments on foreign obligations.
e) Right to non-requisition of investment without just compensation.

Services involving Licensed Professionals:

 Up to 25% Foreign Equity

Up to 30% Foreign Equity

Up to 40% Foreign Equity

Limited for Reasons of Security,Defense, Health, Morals, and Protection of Local Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises

Up to 40% Foreign Equity

Special Investment Areas

Enterprises must be registered with the Board of Investments (BOI) and must engage in activities targeted in the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) in order to enjoy certain benefits and incentives such as tax exemptions and concessions.

Priority investment areas in the IPP include the following:

Incentive Policies for Registered Firms

Enterprises registered with the BOI and engaging in activities under the IPP can enjoy the following incentives: