Type of Special Need Skills

What type of jobs do those expats you mention have?

High technical skills not available here or senior management. If for an American company chances are you are already working that company and they relocate you, or worked for a similar company in Asia. Asia Development Bank is based in Manila, excellent to work for, this is their criteria:

Applicants must:

With ADB committed to increasing the number of its female professional staff, applications from women are actively encouraged.

There is also either kind of jobs not working for a corporation such as those at embassies etc.

Business Opportunity, Pili Nuts, High Return

Dear friends,

Chris Bech is a friend of mine and a real estate licensed broker here. He has many friends and satisfied clients, owns an expat community in Northern Samar, Rotary Club President, respected business man, etc. and I have checked Chris out months ago when I took his advertisement for "Beach Lots, at http://www.livinginthephilippines.com. I have not checked out this "investment opportunity." If Interested I urge you to do your due diligence as you would on any investment. I don't know anything about agriculture and for sure nothing about pili nuts, and guess few of you do either.

What is in it for Chris? I don't' know exactly. But he is a realtor and a good one, knows how to get clear titles. So I assume he has the land to sell and may provide other services and needed contacts. Should you want to examine this contact him and of course you can contact the University of Eastern Philippines, maybe Chris can send you a copy of the study. I know Chris to be honest in his dealing with people by reputation and personal experience. But never invest any money in a high return business you can't afford to lose. I understand agricultural investments are speculative. That is why the can bring such large returns. Be careful but I do think for some of you with capital to speculate with, may want to check this out.

I do not get commission on any sales, just think some of you may be interested and have trust in Chris.

Very best always,

Average Salaries Paid Filipino Workers

You can see why when it is said you can live on a $1000 a month it is as if you were earning as much as the highest paid people on this list. Of course, some but not all of us could not or would not want to live on less and take into consideration this is from 2006 too. Inflation has hit the Philippines pretty hard the last two years as it has world wide.

Table 1 - Average Monthly Wage Rates of Time-Rate Workers on Full- Time Basis in Selected Industries and Occupations, Philippines: August 2006 Average Monthly Wage Rates (P) (Non-agricultural establishments employing 20 and over. Wage rates are defined as including basic pay and regular/guaranteed cash allowances.)

D19 Tanning and Dressing of Leather; Manufacture of Luggage, Handbags and Footwear 1430 Production Supervisors and General Foremen 12,510