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How To Get A Job In The Philippines!

After living here for a few years, and equipped with several post graduate degrees - all authenticated by the university, I have been able to work my way into a provincial university. They are offering me more work than I want. I post this just to make the point that one can, with luck, find a paying job.

Jobs For Americans In The Philippines

For whatever it's worth, most of the US companies with offices here hire only a skeleton force of Americans in the most senior management positions, and hire a Filipino workforce for everything else. Some don't hire any Americans at all. IBM Philippines for example, has a totally Filipino workforce, from the president of the company on down.

The only expats reside in the regional office in Singapore. Microsoft is much the same; all Filipinos, reporting to an American regional manager in Singapore or Hong Kong.

How Much Does A Filipino / Filipina Make?

Marketing people and even the Government have divided the country into economic classes so they can market that is more effective or implement their programs. Below are the classes  and current income rate.

A. class are the top 5% (5 million people) - P25, 000 to very big money, millions of dollars, billions of pesos. Senior Politicians, Land owners, Large Business Owners.

B. class 10-15% (10-15 million People) - P15, 000 - 25,000 a month Mid-Level Politicians, Professionals - doctors, engineers, supervisors.

C. "middle class" of 20% (20million people) - P5, 000 -15,000 a month Skilled craftsman teachers and nurses as well as bank clerks and retail shop assistants.

How To Get Jobs For Filipinos As Teleworkers

A. Resume Posting

There are 11,000 job sites on the Internet. Most of these jobs allow the posting of resumes. With the magic of Internet mail programs one can a resume in these 11,000 sites in seconds. But, it is not enough to post resumes. Since most employers are not actively seeking teleworkers, more a more aggressive job search is needed. It is, however, important to use these sites. When a Filipino posts a resume, it says to the world, “Look at the Philippines. They have an employment presence on the Net. The are competing for jobs internationally. We want employers to think “Philippines” when thinking of teleworking employees. As telework is a just emerging as an employment option, Filipinos must be visible from the start to position themselves as net ready and available for telecommuting jobs. Posting resumes is just one of the many ways to position the Philippines in the mind of international employees as a source of teleworkers. Unfortunately most will have no success from a posted application. A majority of jobs are filled by word of mouth not by posting resumes. There are several more important ways Filipinos can involve themselves in word of mouth efforts internationally.



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