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How To Get A Job In The Philippines!

After living here for a few years, and equipped with several post graduate degrees - all authenticated by the university, I have been able to work my way into a provincial university. They are offering me more work than I want. I post this just to make the point that one can, with luck, find a paying job.

At the moment, I teach psychiatric nursing, 4 hours per day (same class), 6 days per week. I teach criminology/psychology, 3 hours per week. I am not a nurse or a criminologist. There are no lcd's, overheads, or chalk, I bring my own. The kids can't afford to buy the copied American text books (215 pesos), and the room has no a/c or fans- I go home soaked. The electric outlets often don't work so I string my extension cord through a window..etc. The blackboard is vintage 1959, the white board is grey through use of permanent markers- poorly cleaned.

I have 50 students in each class. Criminology is a new course and the students are 1st semester/1st year. I have 5, 15 year old children and my oldest student is 23. The kids are a joy to work with, but, the poverty takes a toll on every aspect of their lives with the added burden that their parents can't afford college for them. Still, they expect to learn, are respectful, bright and diligent. They struggle with my American speech and half-assed Tagalog.

Ahh, you want to know what I earn. I have more authenticated degrees than anyone in the university- no exaggeration. I am paid 200 pesos per hour for the nursing course and 300 per hour for the criminology course. I will earn 14,400 for the nursing course and 18,500 for the other. Adding it up, I will receive 33,000 pesos for working 140 hours- around $600. I could, conceivably, work "10 sections". 10 classes, each 3 hours per week (more or less) at say 300 would get me 9,000 a week. Its possible to work 10 hours per day, 6 days per week and bring home $700 - $800 per month. Livable here by some standards. (Part time faculty are normally paid 100 pesos per hour).

I did not study to be a teacher and have only modest teaching experience in the US. They hired me because I speak English (not a small thing), have great related experience, and know the president of the university.

By the way, my earnings are returned to the university in scholarships. I sponsor 6 students each semester- and I usually have to add to it from my retirement income, hehe::)) Mike M.

I was offered a job at UP, Manila a couple of years ago. It was at the professor level and the salary was 12,500 pesos/month. There was free housing but you would have to drive 12 miles each way through Manila traffic. I figured my freedom was worth more than that so I didn't pursue the offer. I know a woman MD who has worked in a provincial hospital in Pangasinan for around 25 years--she currently earns 18,000 pesos/month. If you're an M.D. and willing to work for similar wages, then welcome to the Philippines. Better to save your money in the US and come here when you don't need to rely on income from a job to survive. Then, just do what you want on a volunteer basis and leave the boss problems behind. John. San Carlos City, Pangasinan.

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