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The Next Step

There is not doubt that the opportunities for employment using the Internet will provide a huge source of employment for countries that are competitive in the labor market in both quality and price. Countries who position themselves as “teleworking countries” will get the most jobs and the best paying jobs.

Jobs exist now that can be performed by qualified, unemployed Filipinos as teleworkers. Internet access is limited here in the Philippines. But access is sufficient to start a program putting at least some of the most highly qualified employees who are unemployed to work after a short training period. Teleworking “agents” can train in job search techniques, and self promotion of the worker. They can initially be the primary job searchers too.

Kinds Of Jobs Available

A. Computer Jobs

The first kind of jobs that come to mind are computer jobs. They are hard to fill and can many can be done by telecommuting. They must be the initial focus, at least until the supply of existing candidates is near exhaustion. The Philippines has already made some inroads in the area of software development, but India has been positioned as the leader in that lucrative area. Efforts must be directed to the Philippines becoming the leader in software development and web page creation. Filipinos have already shown that they excel in web page design. Maybe this is because of Filipino’s understanding of western marketing strategies, and the availability of so many quality artists and writers. As chat and conferencing are added to web pages, Filipino sales people can fill those jobs as representatives of international companies right from their barangays.

Marketing The Filipino As A Teleworker

A. Availability of Jobs

A recent post on an European Telework group said:

Telecottages will have to drive a wedge into the employment market.

Most employers are not searching for employees to telework. Teleworkers are not presently in great demand. Telework is the work of the future, however, and those who position themselves now, will be the ones to benefit from this new employment opportunity.

The Value Of A Filipino In The Telework Market

A. Wage Rates

To compete successfully in the international job market, Filipinos must be price competitive. One of the most important incentives for employers to contract out by telework is getting employees at bargain rates. Because of the lower cost of living here in the Philippines it is possible for a teleworker here to offer lower rates than those from countries where the cost of living is much higher. Certainly, the Filipino worker should exploit this obvious advantage by offering services at a lower rate, at least in the development stages of the telework relationship. Should the employer be satisfied with the performance of the contract, it would may be appropriate to negotiate contracts at a higher fee/wages, as long as the work remains internationally competitive.

Telework In The Philippine Setting

A. Reducing Unemployment

The chronic employment of the masses is and has been the most consuming problem of the Philippines for years. The Country has been sending labor out to foreign countries for decades, often losing its most valuable citizens to other nations. Now the opportunity exist, through the auspices of the Internet to keep these valuable resources at home, and only export a part of their labor.



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